Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happily ever after ♥

This may be my most personal one yet, so get ready for it!

Remember when we were little, and we watched hundreds of Disney movies that ended with the happy ending? Walt Disney I am going to get you someday for distorting the true image of the real world! I firsthand learned that life is not as perfect as these movies portrayed. I blame Disney for me being a overly hopeless romantic. But I'm not mad, I still in the back of my mind know that their is someone out there perfect for me!

I grew up with this big personality, my Grandma had it, my mom has it, and it got passed to me. My brother doesn't have it or my sister, I always joke that it got stored in my mom and when she had me it finally went somewhere, because I am over the top giddy about everything. I wouldn't trade it for the world, people thought in high school it was annoying, I was just fake about it, whatever other judgment they could pass on me. But its really how I am, who wants to go through life with a frown on their face? WHO! Not me that is for dang sure! I mean look at the world around you people, don't just take it for granted. Look at what it was before we ruined it, its still amazing! Even in little ole Columbus, where all you see is cars, highways, and a lot of people. Just like my post before God didn't just make this world and go oh yep I am going to put a tree here, he made different types, sizes, colors, flowers on trees, fruits.. like what the heck! How can you not realize little things like that. I sound like a sappy movie, or I am crazy because I can sit back and truly look at this place and think wow this man really does love us that much because he put so much work into making every little detail perfect.

I USED, keyword USED to have a huge list of things that I wanted in a boyfriend, its so embarrassing and selfish but here it is:
My biggest pet peeve.. height. It got to the point where I had an actual number attached to it.. at least 6 feet.
(I have legit reasoning for these too, but will not go in depth.)
TEETH, oh teeth. I am bias because I had braces.
Hair, it had to be brown. But I had a couple exceptions to that rule. Eek.
They had to like sports, and be athletic. Come on.. I was a cheerleader, QB/Cheerleader thing I know.. so DUMB.
Notice these are all observable traits?
Family, oh my gosh if you don't love your family you couldn't love me.
There are so many other things on it that are to ridiculous to post so I shall refrain.

But wait, can any of you guess what is missing.. why in the world I would miss something so important?

Have a relationship with God.
What? How could I do that, I was so wrapped up in this fairy tale, so called perfect guy notion that I never thought to even look to God.

Even though I said in my last blog how shocked I was to look back on how I was living, I am still finding things that I am disgusted by. I won't have this perfect man forever, I watch sermons from Francis Chan about once a week.. sometimes twice. This man opens up a new door every time I watch him its incredible. But any how, he has a two part Christ Centered Relationship sermon which I never thought in this way before. He states that you should be so wrapped up in God's love that you love God more than your wife/husband. We say I want to spend the rest of my life with this man, but the truth is this life is SO short compared to the one that is waiting for us after it. So, why in the world would you want just this perfect "looking" man that doesn't live for God. Some one who doesn't help you grow with God, learn about God, challenge you about God.

You know, moving to Columbus was probably the best decision I have ever made in my life. I had a horrible experience in my 1st year here, and all I could do was go to God. That first month here in Columbus changed my perspective, I started to see him working in my life bringing people into my life that will probably forever be my best friends. I would sit in my room daily and pray that he would spark something in my heart, and he did. I can tell you one thing, I feel like I was put here to make people smile to make people think there is more to life that just school, work, bills. That you can always make something bad, something good. I've had tons of people ask me why I am so happy all the time, like I don't have a care in the world. My response? Why not? How can you not rejoice everyday, tomorrow is never a promise. So, be thankful God has given you another day to live on this Earth, to spread his word and hope that you can help someone else find happiness in their life too!

Man do I just jumble on about everything, I have all these things to write about but I keep forgetting all of them! (ADHD onset) haha

For all of you people who ask me how I can be so happy all by myself, I would be lying if I said I like being single. It would be a terrible terrible lie. I am always thinking that question to myself, why can't I find someone who actually likes me for me? Not what I look like or what I have. Someone who gets just as giddy around me as I will get around him! Some one that stops and looks at details of things. Smiles when they pass something sweet, like a Father holding their little daughter's hand. (I say this because I did this the other day, it was the OSU/Wisconsin game and they were walking towards the shoe and she looked up to him and he looked back and they both had the biggest smile on their face, that stuff melts my heart!) SOPPY.. any who don't fret ladies or gentlemen reading my blog. Someone is out there for you, I believe it with all my heart, and pray to God with all my heart that I will finally find someone who will make my life so special! =)

I know I write with my heart on my sleeve, but I do so to help others out. If you want to ask me anything please do! Message me on Facebook, get my number some how. Whatever it takes, add me on Skype! ha ha! I would love to encourage you to seek out God, truly seek him. I have friends that can share, I am still learning and I am sure will be for awhile. It has more than changed my life. Made this life bearable knowing he is always right there with me!

Well on to some updates! A handful of you already know, but I decided that I am done with my experience here in Columbus. I plan on moving back to Lima, who would of ever thought I would be saying I am moving back there. I despised that place more then anything, probably because of the rough times I had in high school and being made fun of and all that fun stuff that comes along with the teen years. But, I've prayed and prayed on what I should do, because I am not happy here. I love my roommates so much, but the city I feel is holding me back. My Grandma's death was a huge factor in my decision, I have been feeling this huge sense of guilt since she passed. I only got to see her once every time I would come home, I would sometimes randomly call her just to see how she was doing. I can't bear to not spend time with my family and see them pass on. Also, my nephews and niece. They are growing up so much, and I want to be there for everything they do. My new nephew was 6 days old before I could even hold him for the 1st time. I've always been very close to my family, but I am home sick every single day. I also have this feeling in my heart, that there is something big in Lima that I could get involved with, I have no idea what it is, its just a weird feeling like I need to go back and figure out what it is. Any who, there are my little updates!

My blogs are so random and spur of the moment. But I just write what is on my mind, I don't plan these out! I don't even proof read these! I sometimes forget what I even say in them! So don't hate on me if the grammar and punctuation is awful! Sorry Mrs. Bradley if I am letting you down! ha ha!

I hope you all have a wonderful night, and wonderful weekend!

Happily ever after,
Andrea Farell :)