Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I feel so bad I haven't been writing on this much. I have so many people asking me to write blogs all the time. Sorry for being a let down! Does make me smile that these help so many people! (Even though some may be just venting!) Thank you for reading these, much appreciated!

Yes, its 3:30 in the morning right now.. I worked tonight. Had a rough night with testy people. But overall not such a bad night, just a flew glitches in the process! I brought my Dad some wings to his work, he is working the night shift this week from 11pm to 730! I feel bad for him cause he works by himself taking care of an entire water treatment plant! So I actually just got home from spending time with him. I never really get the time to do anything like that, it was nice. My Dad and I talked about his job and what it all entails, and it seemed like he was really interested in telling me what all he has to do. I'm glad I got the chance to sit in their and do that! That place is so interesting believe it or not! I was walking through the entire place! Go check it out when you get the chance, dorky I know, but it's a cool place to check out! My Dad and I actually talked about life tonight, very weird. He's not much of a talker, more of a watch and observe kind of guy. Never thought I'd get the chance to relate to my dad. I never realized how much a like I am to him! So glad I decided to go there tonight! My dad can be pretty cool sometimes, I guess. ;);)

Big update on my life here....
As most of you know I moved to Columbus with the intentions on receiving my Intervention Specialist license (Special Ed Teacher) at OSU. Well, plans have change and I will be back in Lima next summer. I am going to switch to Gen Ed, Early Education and then later on receive my Special Education degree. So hopefully, if everything goes my way I will be double licensed. It will awesome to have both sides of the spectrum, but I am sad that I won't be getting my special education one right away. I was definitely bummed out when I realized that I had to make this choice. I worked my butt of this year, and had one of the best grades in my Intro class. But life goes on. I am so grateful for getting the chance to live in Columbus for 2 years and get the actual college experience. I am going to live there this year and takes classes at OSU, since I had already signed a lease for an apartment with friends that I care dearly about. But after that, due to financial situations (me not wanting to take out an unneeded loan) will be moving back to Lima to finish out college! But, I will hopefully not be moving back in with my parents. Love them to death, but I could never come back and actually live there. I love being independent, and actually my life felt more organized that way. Having my apartment the way I want it to be was nice!

The point I am trying to make here, is that sometimes things won't go your way. I am not going to lie, I've been pretty torn up about not continuing with Special Ed. But I will be there someday, don't you worry! I am putting my complete faith in God, and knowing that he has a purpose for me in life. I know I will never have everything I want in life. Life wouldn't be interesting or purposeful if we were given everything.

I've had two big dreams since I've been little. I'll explain them both, so be ready for this to be long!

My 1st dream is Music. The ultimate thing that keeps me sane is being able to sing. I'm different, I know it. So with everyone's different judgments on my personality. I know they won't be able to take away my ability to sing. You can take away my pride, my good mood, my spunkieness (not a word haha), but you can't take away my voice. (Obviously you physically can, but whatever, you know what I mean.) I've always been the dramatic friend, the performer. So obviously being successful at a career in singing would be a dream. But also, I do not know if I would want all the fame and fortune. My dad said something to me about how I wouldn't be making much money being a teacher, and my response was I didn't really care about living on the high end of life. Being mediocre was okay for me, some people think I am high maintenance and to an extent I am. But come look at my closet, and add up all my new clothes compared to old clothes I have. I have wayyy more old clothes than new clothes. Some things I still own from 9th grade! I drive a 1998 sunfire, and barely by super name brand stuff! So living that way is good enough for me! So yes, I'd love to make singing a career.

My 2nd dream is to change the world with children. Everyone knows I am such a huge lover, oh if I could own daycare I'd love it. But for underprivileged children, they are the most interesting type there is. If I could choose one thing right now, that I would drop everything for.. I would do all of that to move to Africa and be a missionary there. Those infomercials they have of those children over there make me cry every time I watch them. If only the entire world could have a big heart for kids like this. How can it not break your heart seeing the people suffering over there, and questioning the works of God because of the condition. I am sure some of these people have strong faith. But you have to admit if you think of yourself in their shoes what kind of emotional roller coaster these people experience on a daily basis. Some people I know personally question their faith when something negative goes wrong in their life. As if God is supposed to make everything perfect in your life, and when it doesn't he should be questioned. I'm sure I have previously questioned things, but there comes a point in your life where you have to put your absolute faith in him, and know that he is up to amazing things! I can't even fathom all of the things he does for others. Even people living in conditions like those of 3rd world countries. Changing their frown for even 1 week would be a blessing for me, knowing that I could make their life happy when they had been devastated would be so rewarding.

Okay, I am getting to sappy and personal with this blog. By the way, one of my friend's posted a blog of her experience during her child's delivery and I thought it was so cool what she kept telling herself when she was in unbearable pain, and works with whatever situation you may be in. 2 simple sayings..

 1. This too, shall pass.
2. Be still and know that I am God.

I am just going to end this blog with those, how powerful are those. So glad I read that!

Seriously, message me on facebook if you ever have any questions. I love listening, and giving advice! Even if you just need someone to talk to and vent! I am your girl!
Hope you all have a wonderful week!
God Bless!
-- Andrea Farell <3

DISCLAIMER: These are solely my opinions on life, and are not supposed to be taken as the exact truth but just as a view.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's been awhile..

Hello all!
It has been well over a month since I have post anything on here, and I apologize. Many of you have messaged me and have asked why I haven't posted anything. Answer is every time I get the inspiration to write one, I have something for school or have to work. Then when I end up getting time I totally forget about what it was I wanted to write. This blog will probably start out as a big mess of nothing and blabbing, but I will eventually get onto a topic! haha

Let's start with my life this past month.. been somewhat of a roller coaster! I had my 1st respite for Recreation Unlimited! I had very limited sleep that week due to some traumatic events that forced me to be back and forth in between Lima and Columbus, also had a final and a paper due that week. So I arrived at that camp without a nap that day.. and within the previous 3 days a total number of 10 hours slept. By Saturday night I was absolutely exhausted, and running a fever. But I brought it down later that night, thank gosh. I was miserable! Butttt.. would never trade that experience for the world! Got really close to some of the campers, very interesting people to say the least, and all they are looking for is someone to listen and someone who cares to listen! Never thought I could fall in love with these people in just over 3 days, sad to see some of them go, but will get to see some of these adults during the summer residential camps! Everyone there is lovely, met 3 new girls who I instantly clicked with of course, I can be friends with anyone I suppose! I love all these new opportunities I am getting to experience! Yay! =)

On a sad note, the traumatic event that I was previously talking, which most of you could probably guess.. is the death's of Kody Knight and Bryan Taylor. Now personally I was never close to any of them, got to spend a handful of my summer with Kody, and just genuinely enjoyed his presence and of course his sweet girlfriend. But what made it so traumatic was that my Best Friend Brittany, was extremely close to Kody.. Always hearing her tell me hilarious stories about him and then finally get to hang out with him. He sure was a trip, and also the Knight family has been so helpful to my cousin Becky Mitchell, while she was and still is suffering from an incurable yet somewhat treatable form of cancer. I think anyone who even knew or was acquainted with these two felt some sort of sadness. It's hard to describe the feeling of someone who is around your age dying before they even got to start their career. Brittany and I were just talking about how much fun we had with Kody and his other friends and how much we couldn't wait for more things we could get into with them! My heart sank to my stomach when I got onto Facebook and read all of the condolences on everyone's status. I instantly called Brittany, and wasn't able to make out anything she was saying. My heart broke for her, had no idea what to do or to say. I was coming home that exact day to hang out with her.. it was supposed to be a beautiful day, we planned on riding our four-wheelers. But it ended up being a rainy depressing day where I just had to sit and comfort one of my best friends, and grasp the reality of what I was feeling. I texted all of my friends, and told them how much they meant to me, and till this day I will randomly shoot a text or write on their wall on how much I love and appreciate them. So cliche, but true.. you never ever realize how precious something is to you until its taken away. But my favorite belief is that God does everything for a reason.. it was time for those 2 guys to go home! Both of the funerals were tear jerkers. Kody's was such a different feeling funeral, I have never been so connected with God than I was during that funeral. It was a praise session, and many people accepted the Lord into their hearts for the very 1st time in honor of Kody. Almost positive he had a huge smile on his face with a tear rolling down his cheek during that moment! I am typically one to never cry in front of people, but I could not hold back those tears.. so glad that made his funeral that way. He wouldn't of wanted it any other way! ahhh!! I could go on and on about that feeling!

Another recent thing going on in my life, is my Grandfather is in the hospital. We aren't sure of what it is just yet, but he hemoglobin count is severely low and he had a rash all over his body. The doctor's think its this new heart medicine he is on, but they are conducting tests on him now to figure out what is going on. I used to be devastated when I would get the call that he was back in the hospital. But there has been so many close calls with him, I have become numb to them. In a way, I thank god for doing that for me. I put myself into a severe depression the 1st time I thought I was going to have to say goodbye to him. I had never lost anyone that close to me, and thinking he was going to be gone was the worst case scenario for me. But now that I see that he has suffered so many years, I'll be content when he passes. Not only that I know that he isn't suffering, but that God now has the most amazing man in my life in his presence, and that I will get to see him again soon. I feel so bad for my Grandpa that he has to live the way he does, 1/4 of his heart working, amputated leg, difficulty breathing. But he never changes, he always jokes around (even thought most of the time hes a butthead), he always gives me kisses and hugs, always asks about me when I am gone. Which I am very arrogant to say that I am his favorite grandchild =) His faces lights up when I dramatically enter the room =) of course I do it dramatically haha, he laughs every time I do it! Boy do I love this man though!

Didn't really get much onto a topic here, just a general summary of what has been going on with me during this  past month. I promise promise promise, next week after finals I will have a motivational blog on here!! Take my word for it!! I do have a lot to write about yet! I just need to get my butt into bed, so I can start to study for finals!

Until next week!
God Bless,
Andrea Farell <3