Monday, February 28, 2011


Trying to stay positive here in the last couple weeks of this quarter. This winter quarter took a big toll on me emotionally, JEEZ. I had to drop one of my classes earlier in the quarter so I could work more since hours were cut short due to football season being over. I pay for everything by myself and barely have a loan, so had to kick that one aside for a little bit longer! Plus, the professor lied to me anyway and said nothing would be graded while I was gone, yet I missed 30 points of "pop quizzes" .. so my average was already set at a 91, which mean I had to get 100% on everything basically to get an A in the class.. Math is one of my strong subjects, so why would I settle for a B?
Blehh.. anywayyy.. My best friend is flying into Columbus Friday! You have no idea how crazy excited I am to spend a couple days with her! Couldn't of came at a better time she will definitely help me release some stress before finals come! We always laugh like crazy when we are together! I am seriously so excited!

Well, I have a long week ahead of me! So I am going to bed now! Hope you all have a blessed week!

God Bless,
Andrea  Farell <3

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Some people anger me!

One thing that really bothers me is when people question and then contradict my beliefs. An absolute PET PEEVE of mine. When someone questions my belief in God is fine, if I can give them a straight forward answer and then say "Oh okay, I was just wondering". That's A okay.. but once you start asking me well how can you prove that, how can you say that Science did not create this world? That draws the line, I NEVER press religion on another person, if they ask me question about it I try my best to explain my reasoning, even though I am not the best person to ask, because I don't know the word from start to finish, but I know enough to tell you why I believe it. When someone tells me they do not believe in God, I don't ask them why, I simply say "Hey that's your decision, but if you have doubts about your beliefs come talk to me." Just don't try to me look dumb because I believe in god. It angers me so much.. But I guess it comes with the subject.

But anywho, I had a really great day! One of my co-workers asked me "How can you be so happy right now, we are slammed and you've been here all day?" .. I answered "When do you ever see me sad?" and danced off of course. You would think what happened to me the past couple days would put me in the dumbs like it usually would, but I am just looking ahead now. Why, mope and cry? Not my style! =) One of my best friends is coming to stay with me tomorrow night! I am so excited =) yeee

Well, My legs are super sore from work for some reason they are throbbin! goin to bed early! Peace outtt

God Bless <3
Andrea Farell!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Just another page turned..

For once I can actually sit down and write something meaningful. I finished an exam quiz and paper, all in one day! Feel accomplished! Yay! =)

Yesterday was not how I exactly planned my day, had a few bumps in the road that caused me to leave the Library a little bit early than I originally planned. But, I think I was prepared for my exam anyway. Just me being me, and stressing out about everything.
I learned a lot about myself within the past two days that I guess no one has ever brought up to me until now. I was talking with a friend about life in general, and he told me that I am the friend who is always stressing about something. I guess that is why everyone calls me "mom". I over analyze what is going to happen, or what consequences are going to happen if I do "this". I never go out on a whim just for the heck of it. I am kind of sounding like I do not like myself. But in all honesty, that is exactly what I am comfortable with. I worry a lot. It's just a part of me, I don't think that will ever change.

I am NOT perfect. I hate when people say that, it frustrates me. Learned  this first handed recently, everyone has this notion of me doing absolutely no wrong and that I am some angel. Yeah, WRONG. I have made plenty of mistakes in my past, ones I am ashamed one, but ones I do not regret. I am only human. I tend to lead a positive life, but always find that one person that I can vent to. They probably think I am some negative Nancy (sorry). But, I learned from the mistakes I made in the past. It has caused me to be stronger.
I am in this rough transition right now in my life, living on your own kind of takes a toll on you. I am extremely close to my family and even living an hour and 15 mins away from them makes me extremely homesick. I talk to my mother everyday, and try to call my brother and sister every once in awhile so I can Hi to my little nephews who are growing up way to fast! I go and visit my Grandparents every time I am home no matter what I am doing, I ALWAYS leave out time for them. I am very attached to my Grandfather. I am sure if you have read my posts before this you would understand. In which by the way, had a very successful birthday for him! It has been a great while since I last got to see him smile! He had an amazing time! I loved that! Gave him the perfect gift too!

As most of you know, and most of you do not. In my 20 years of life, I have never had a boyfriend. =/ haha yes. Please, if you did not know don't gasp, another pet peeve of mine. Makes me feel even worse about the idea. I cannot say I've never had any sort of boy show "affection" towards me. It just never became official. Reasons why this is? Well, I am not exactly sure. People say, I tend to be picky, I care "too" much, and I never take risks. The whole picky thing is not true, I don't want to call it picky. But I don't want to have make myself be attracted to a person when it isn't there in the 1st place. So, sorry that is just my way of thinking. I care too much because.. I do not really know. I just do I guess. I've never had anyone care about me in that way, so I don't really know how it feels. I talked to my best friend Brittany last night, and boy does she give some amazing advice. God is doing this to me for some reason, I mean there has to be a reason. Many times I've asked him what the heck am I doing wrong, I either end up laughing our sobbing at this point haha. But, at the end of it all. I know someday I hopefully will find that one guy who will unconditionally want me for me, my goofiness, fun-loving, singing, cheery self. Who can sometimes be super negative all at once because I usually am overflowing with happiness haha. But yes, I am positive. POSITIVE POSITIVE about everything. =) So, I'll sit and wait another 20 years if that is what it takes. =)

Well, God Bless! and sorry my whole blog thing is getting kind of just personal. Oh well. Deal with it!
Andrea Farell <3

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ohh jeesh..

Hello =)

I'm not really sure how many people actually read these blogs of mine. But, I am not really concerned.. I kind of just vent on here anyways :P Just got back from the Library studied for 5 hours straight! Phew! Back at it tomorrow at 10 am! Today was lovely to be quite honest. I woke up to a clean room, no laundry, bathroom cleaned, because I had done everything the night before so I wouldn't have anything to worry about. I went to class this morning to review for the midterm I am currently studying for that is on Monday. I swear if I do not get a good grade on this exam I dono what I'll do. I am seriously studying my little butt off for this!!

I get to home this weekend, and see ALL of my family.. but seriously, all of my family is coming to my Grandpa's surprise party and that makes me SOOO happy.. that man doesn't even understand what he means to all of us, and it just shows that my family who live pretty far away from us are even coming for this little shannanigan! Can't wait to give him his present, and I hope it freakin works out I am going to be so upset if not! I am blowing up an old picture of him and I when I was around 5 or 6 years old. It's an epic Grandpa/Granddaughter picture of him holding my hands while we are dancing.. I'm in a little frilly dress with my hair all curled..and he has the biggest smile on his face. I am tearin up right now just thinkin of it. Oh I really hope it works! I'll be sooo sad =( and I am writing him a little letter =)

Wellllll.. I am actually going to write a meaningful note on here one day! I promise, I'm just trying to get all my priorities organized! Loveeeeeeeeee you all!

God Bless!
<3 Andrea Farell

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Born To Be Someboy ♥

Okay.. sooo I wasn't the biggest fan of Justin Bieber. Do not get me wrong tho.. I was one of those reluctant youtubers that watched tons of videos with people singing. Ran across him one day way before he was even famous and he was singing the Ne yo song.. fell in love with his voice not just him as a cute little boy. His falsetto is seriously to die for, his range is unbelievable, and his vocal control is on point. I critique musicians like crazy haha, I don't care if you write the most amazing songs, if you don't have the whole package I will not like you haha. (ie. : Taylor Swift) anywhoooo..

I went and saw the Justin Bieber movie today, and was literally fighting back a few tears a couple of times! Not because I was freakin out over Justin haha.. just because he is living my dream basically. Ever since I figured out I was musically talented at the age of around 4 or 5 I can't really remember exactly when my mom said she knew I was another Zickafoose singer. But she knew when she 1st bought me one of those microphones that echoed when you talked or sang into them, that I was definitely going to be a singing handful. Tons of videos and pictures of me with headphones on or grabbing an object that I somehow made into a microphone haha. I worshiped MJ, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, and so on. My family is basically just born with music in our veins. It's innate, honestly, ask any of my cousins, uncles, or grandparents on the Zickafoose side to either sing or play an instrument and we've pretty much got it down.

This is probably where I have most of my confidence, and most of where my insecurities come out. Kind of weird, you can slap a costume on me, call me a different name, and put me on a stage and I will give you a completely confident performance. But as soon as you strip me of the costume, and its just me, I FREAK OUT! I know what causes it too..... I have a huge fear of being made fun of.. like bad. As people do every day of my life because of the fear, it makes me become an easy target. I've pretty much gotten used to it by now, its become a norm for me. Buttttt.. yes singing is my thing. Could not be any more grateful for the gift god gave me. I do not know how many people have told me how gracious I should be of it. Its one thing to work hard for something and achieve it just like anyone else could do, but when you are given something that only a portion of people in the world have, you should savor it more than anything else.

This movie couldn't have came out at a better time! I was in complete depression mode the past 2 weeks, and finally just got back up on my feet! The  weather topped it all of too! ahh =) I love when things start feeling warm, and the sun is shining! This is why I probably shouldn't say I hate Ohio weather.. the winter makes you appreciate the sun more often! welpppppppp... going to bed early tonight!

God Bless!
Andrea Farell!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tired of the snow..

Hi all... I get so LAZY during the winter, it always makes me so tired. I just got back from JO North with Mal, did a little bit of cardio and stretching.. trying to get my flexibility back so I don't feel like a Grandma! haha My best friend is having a BABY! I am so excited for it =) Ahh one thing I am definitely looking forward to is that. I have been extremely down in the dumps the past 2 weeks, I do NOT know what it is.. School is just getting really frustrating, but I am starting to change up my studying technique, because that is probably why I am not retaining as much as I used too, starting to go to the Library now. Being around other people studying pushes me to keep studying so that helps me =)
Maybe, I am just depressed because Valentine's day is this upcoming monday, and 20 years strong I have yet to have a Valentine.. blah. Good thing I can't work Mondays, I hate waiting on couples haha.. some of them are fun though, but seeing a guy buying a girl dinner makes me depressed =( Is it so hard to ask for a guy that will take me out to do something, buy me a present here or there ;) , or just watch movies with.. not asking for much! jeesh! wellppp.. one day, is what everyone keeps telling me, how much longer do I have to wait!

Welp, sums up why I have been in a horrible mood lately. Loveee each and every one of you! buh bye!

God Bless!
--Andrea <3

Friday, February 4, 2011


Happy Friday Everyone!

What a BEAUTIFUL day in Columbus it is right now, I walked to the Library today and it was calming! I love walking around the Oval on days like this. Ohio State is actually a very pretty campus. Love that they keep the historical feel of it around, there are more older buildings here than there are new halls. Especially the ones circling the oval with the exception of the brand new Thompson Library. I kind of enjoyed the cold today with the sun! Weird, because I usually despise the cold! haha.. I have been sick all week, pretty sure I have bronchitis hoping it goes away on its own.. but if not I am going home next weekend so I'll stop in and see the doctor if it does go away soon enough. It has been kicking my butt this week! Figured out what I am taking during spring quarter, and hoping that nothing fills or makes me go on a wait list or I am screwed big time haha. Hoping not because I'm sure most of these classes freshman take so whatever. 
Well, I need to get off here and eat some lunch and continuing studying for my linguistics class! Hoping I do well on this midterm! I am actually getting this stuff, and it is kind of interesting! Thanks to a linguistics major in my class, who is really nice and super helpful!

Well God Bless! =)