Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh Columbus..

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

So I just got back from Lima, had a great weekend home! Much needed! Seen great people, had lots of laughs.. makes me miss home so much. Coming back to Columbus today was INTENSE to say the least. I hit crazy fog around Bellefountaine (sp?) and could not see anything more than 100 feet in front of me. It was out of no where and thank gosh I had my glasses with me or I would of been screwed trying to find the exits I needed haha, because I can hardly read signs far away anyway! Then I get back to my apartment have to get ready as fast as possible and go to a serving meeting that was about 20 mins away.. I left with 45 mins till I had to be there so I could easily get there and settle in before the class started, but noooooo I needed to get off at an exit right after I just merged onto the highway on the left had to get off on the right.. and NO ONE would let me over I ever slowed down to like 30.. so missed my exit. Tom Tom rerouted me some ghetto way that took me longer, hit a traffic jam, and ended up being 3 minutes late to the class. I am already not feeling my best due to a head cold, and felt rushed into this class. and I HATE the feeling of being rushed. But, I enjoyed the class anyhow, the speaker was great and really fun, and of course I contributed a lot to the stories he was describing about serving and what not, had some people laughing it was fun! Then I leave the class feeling better about the day, and then I hit another traffic jam.. bad timing I ran into Columbus Rush Hour haha after everyone is getting off work. Well.. after finally making it back to Campus I was hoping for a parking spot right in front of my apartment.. nope. Too good to be true. So after driving around for 20 mins trying to find a place to park. I gave up, and parked at Bdubs, thank gosh for my parking pass there. So now I am home and going to lay down for a half hour and get my mind off this stupid driving situation and then study! Thanks for reading my ranting!

PS -- this is my song for the day that describes my life... seriously. haha
Watch.. this whole CD of hers describes my love life haha. and my voice is always compared to hers so I love her =)

God Bless!

Monday, January 17, 2011

My Special Ed post from facebook.

I wrote this in October one random night I couldn't sleep. I am just reposting it so it may sound like I had just typed it, but I didn't! Enjoy =)

I've been wanting to write this for some time now! andd.. I can NOT sleep so I'll write it now! I keep getting the same question asked over and over again, so I wanted to finally answer it once so all of you wanting to know will know it =) I'm waiting until next year to apply to the college of Special Ed here in OSU, because I can only apply once a year and couldn't take any prereqs in Lima for special ed.. so I am stuck here in Columbus for a year longer than I should be. Darn :P Everyone's question -- Why Special Ed? Well 1st off, I knew teaching was going to be my profession from an early age. It's the family trade! Anyone with the last name Zickafoose, who is related to me is guaranteed to be some kind of teacher, for the most part. I adore little kids, yes, cliche I know. But if you know me, I have the world's BEST patience with kids. Adults and teenagers, totally different answer. I got to finally be in a classroom this year with my cousin who taught 1st grade. I absolutely loved it, seeing them getting excited for playing some sort of memory game, or seeing them light up after passing a certain reading level they have been trying to pass for some time is the best feeling in the world, when you know you helped them get there. My cousin is on my list of amazing teachers =) So if you have Elementary kids, send them to her! Now onto the Special Ed part =) I just recently decided to go into this, right before I started at OSU Lima. I have a couple  family members who have some sort of Handicap, and they are both a lot younger than me. They are THE sweetest and happiest girls I have ever met in my life. I haven't recently seen them or talked to them since they did not live near me. My cousin Danielle is in this as well, and LOVES it. She keeps me wanting to keep sticking with Special Ed. The way these kids live there lives is remarkable, their whole world has turned upside down, and they don't even notice. They live their life just like anyone else would, and they NEVER complain. We feel bad for them, we hurt for them. But they keep smiling! =) They are excited to learn new things, and sometimes they aren't. But when you see a child's face light up because of something they accomplished, when they thought they could never get it, priceless. I am all about optimism, and that is what Special Ed is all about. We all complain about things going on in our life, and not counting our blessings. But if you for just for once thought about someone with a handicap, not even just a mental one, and see that they are still happy, should make you rethink how good your life is. As always, I never forget to thank the man up top for the friends, family, and enemies that have been put in my life, and the opportunities he has given me!

I was kinda nervous posting this. But, it's the truth =)
Judge me if ya want!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

1st Blog!

Hello! =)
This actually isn't my very 1st blog, I had a different account but got rid of it so I could just link this one up to my gmail account I have with my droid! My best friend Aubrey has me doing this =) Her blogs always inspire me, so GO TO HERS, after you read mine. ;)

I guess I should start of describing my life as of now. I am a Sophomore in my Winter Quarter at The Ohio State University! I moved to Columbus in September of 2010 and love it! I have to admit I come back to Lima often only because I am so close to my family and friends that are still back here. Make fun of me, I don't mind, not afraid to admit I get homesick often! My intended major is Special Education, and actually should be admitted into my program this upcoming spring, but I couldn't apply to it in the fall because of ONE class, ONEEEE class I couldn't take in Lima because it was not offered there. So thanks Lima for screwing me over! haha.. oh well I don't really mind. I have basically all my GEC's done by the time I get admitted into my program so I will just be focused on that. If you ever read my note on Facebook about why I chose Special Ed as my major, go to my page and read it. Otherwise, I'll probably add it on here after I write this entry.

The reason I am doing this blog is so my friends and family at home can follow what I do, and people can get a better understanding of who I am and what I stand for. I have a positive outlook on life, and no matter what turn negative things into positives. Think anyone can stand up for me on that. I can be over bearing sometimes because of it, always dancing, singing, loving life. I have been let down time after time with a lot of things, but have put everything behind me and just look towards the future and everything it has to hold for me. I have been raised as a Christian and still proclaim to be one, and could not be more thankful for the life God has given me. He has given me a great family, great friends, a great university, and many great opportunities. 
When I 1st moved to Columbus, I questioned him a few times, I had been frustrated with work and school and trying to juggle both while trying to experience things around Ohio State. But just as soon as I had started questioning my faith, he put me in situations where I knew he was there with me. Look around at all the amazing things he does for us.

 My best example of him giving me hope is with my Grandpa Jim, if you know me my Grandpa is my favorite person in the world. He has taught me so many things and has done so many things for other just out of the kindness of his heart. He is the biggest fighter I have ever known. He was supposed to pass away my sophomore year in high school right before I was in my 1st musical. Almost 4 years later, and he is STILL doing exactly the same thing he did before his 1st heart attack. He is living life with only 1/4 of his heart working, blockage in one of his ventricle that they cannot fixed due to fear it will cause a blood clot that will surface back up to his brain. He had surgery on his brain from a fall he endured, and had a seizure during recovery and doctors thought he wouldn't be able to communicate with us again. But my grandpa beat all odds again and can speak, drive, and function just like he did 10 years ago! He also has one of his legs amputated from his heart attack that stopped blood flow to his lower part of his leg. He is a walking statue of God's faith. Many prayers have been given to my family to give us more time with him. Every person in my family is extremely close to him, and we are so very thankful for the borrowed time God has given us. As I know his time is starting to shorten with us, I have now matured enough to be content with realization of the matter. I used to be in denial that he could be taken from me any second. But, every moment I spend with my Grandpa I have a huge smile on my face because I know even when he is gone he will always be there in spirit and I won't ever really have to say goodbye. I just recently have accepted that he won't ever be cured, but only given a little more time until his heart finally gives out. But I could not be more thankful then the extra four more years I have been graciously given. But I haven't given up, My grandpa has surprised us all so maybe he will keep doing that =)

Well, I will write more later. Sorry if some of this is just me rambling on. I just wanted to give you a taste of more to come! and there definitely is! Thanks for reading =)

-- Andrea Farell ♥