Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happily ever after ♥

This may be my most personal one yet, so get ready for it!

Remember when we were little, and we watched hundreds of Disney movies that ended with the happy ending? Walt Disney I am going to get you someday for distorting the true image of the real world! I firsthand learned that life is not as perfect as these movies portrayed. I blame Disney for me being a overly hopeless romantic. But I'm not mad, I still in the back of my mind know that their is someone out there perfect for me!

I grew up with this big personality, my Grandma had it, my mom has it, and it got passed to me. My brother doesn't have it or my sister, I always joke that it got stored in my mom and when she had me it finally went somewhere, because I am over the top giddy about everything. I wouldn't trade it for the world, people thought in high school it was annoying, I was just fake about it, whatever other judgment they could pass on me. But its really how I am, who wants to go through life with a frown on their face? WHO! Not me that is for dang sure! I mean look at the world around you people, don't just take it for granted. Look at what it was before we ruined it, its still amazing! Even in little ole Columbus, where all you see is cars, highways, and a lot of people. Just like my post before God didn't just make this world and go oh yep I am going to put a tree here, he made different types, sizes, colors, flowers on trees, fruits.. like what the heck! How can you not realize little things like that. I sound like a sappy movie, or I am crazy because I can sit back and truly look at this place and think wow this man really does love us that much because he put so much work into making every little detail perfect.

I USED, keyword USED to have a huge list of things that I wanted in a boyfriend, its so embarrassing and selfish but here it is:
My biggest pet peeve.. height. It got to the point where I had an actual number attached to it.. at least 6 feet.
(I have legit reasoning for these too, but will not go in depth.)
TEETH, oh teeth. I am bias because I had braces.
Hair, it had to be brown. But I had a couple exceptions to that rule. Eek.
They had to like sports, and be athletic. Come on.. I was a cheerleader, QB/Cheerleader thing I know.. so DUMB.
Notice these are all observable traits?
Family, oh my gosh if you don't love your family you couldn't love me.
There are so many other things on it that are to ridiculous to post so I shall refrain.

But wait, can any of you guess what is missing.. why in the world I would miss something so important?

Have a relationship with God.
What? How could I do that, I was so wrapped up in this fairy tale, so called perfect guy notion that I never thought to even look to God.

Even though I said in my last blog how shocked I was to look back on how I was living, I am still finding things that I am disgusted by. I won't have this perfect man forever, I watch sermons from Francis Chan about once a week.. sometimes twice. This man opens up a new door every time I watch him its incredible. But any how, he has a two part Christ Centered Relationship sermon which I never thought in this way before. He states that you should be so wrapped up in God's love that you love God more than your wife/husband. We say I want to spend the rest of my life with this man, but the truth is this life is SO short compared to the one that is waiting for us after it. So, why in the world would you want just this perfect "looking" man that doesn't live for God. Some one who doesn't help you grow with God, learn about God, challenge you about God.

You know, moving to Columbus was probably the best decision I have ever made in my life. I had a horrible experience in my 1st year here, and all I could do was go to God. That first month here in Columbus changed my perspective, I started to see him working in my life bringing people into my life that will probably forever be my best friends. I would sit in my room daily and pray that he would spark something in my heart, and he did. I can tell you one thing, I feel like I was put here to make people smile to make people think there is more to life that just school, work, bills. That you can always make something bad, something good. I've had tons of people ask me why I am so happy all the time, like I don't have a care in the world. My response? Why not? How can you not rejoice everyday, tomorrow is never a promise. So, be thankful God has given you another day to live on this Earth, to spread his word and hope that you can help someone else find happiness in their life too!

Man do I just jumble on about everything, I have all these things to write about but I keep forgetting all of them! (ADHD onset) haha

For all of you people who ask me how I can be so happy all by myself, I would be lying if I said I like being single. It would be a terrible terrible lie. I am always thinking that question to myself, why can't I find someone who actually likes me for me? Not what I look like or what I have. Someone who gets just as giddy around me as I will get around him! Some one that stops and looks at details of things. Smiles when they pass something sweet, like a Father holding their little daughter's hand. (I say this because I did this the other day, it was the OSU/Wisconsin game and they were walking towards the shoe and she looked up to him and he looked back and they both had the biggest smile on their face, that stuff melts my heart!) SOPPY.. any who don't fret ladies or gentlemen reading my blog. Someone is out there for you, I believe it with all my heart, and pray to God with all my heart that I will finally find someone who will make my life so special! =)

I know I write with my heart on my sleeve, but I do so to help others out. If you want to ask me anything please do! Message me on Facebook, get my number some how. Whatever it takes, add me on Skype! ha ha! I would love to encourage you to seek out God, truly seek him. I have friends that can share, I am still learning and I am sure will be for awhile. It has more than changed my life. Made this life bearable knowing he is always right there with me!

Well on to some updates! A handful of you already know, but I decided that I am done with my experience here in Columbus. I plan on moving back to Lima, who would of ever thought I would be saying I am moving back there. I despised that place more then anything, probably because of the rough times I had in high school and being made fun of and all that fun stuff that comes along with the teen years. But, I've prayed and prayed on what I should do, because I am not happy here. I love my roommates so much, but the city I feel is holding me back. My Grandma's death was a huge factor in my decision, I have been feeling this huge sense of guilt since she passed. I only got to see her once every time I would come home, I would sometimes randomly call her just to see how she was doing. I can't bear to not spend time with my family and see them pass on. Also, my nephews and niece. They are growing up so much, and I want to be there for everything they do. My new nephew was 6 days old before I could even hold him for the 1st time. I've always been very close to my family, but I am home sick every single day. I also have this feeling in my heart, that there is something big in Lima that I could get involved with, I have no idea what it is, its just a weird feeling like I need to go back and figure out what it is. Any who, there are my little updates!

My blogs are so random and spur of the moment. But I just write what is on my mind, I don't plan these out! I don't even proof read these! I sometimes forget what I even say in them! So don't hate on me if the grammar and punctuation is awful! Sorry Mrs. Bradley if I am letting you down! ha ha!

I hope you all have a wonderful night, and wonderful weekend!

Happily ever after,
Andrea Farell :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Love is patient.. love is kind.

Holy Moley! There are so many things to talk about on this blog so be ready for a long one!

Most of you who read my blog know I have had an extremely difficult time with the passing of my Grandmother. I still think about her everyday, and never do I not tear up. I miss her goofiness, her piano playing skills, and her giving me advice on relationships. You honestly do not know what you have until you've lost it. But I am so grateful to have been given the time to get to know her, especially into early adulthood. She has instilled in me life lessons that I will take on later in life and glad I got to hear some right before she passed. I have done a lot of thinking after she passed away, it really makes you reevaluate your life. We never thought she would have died this soon even though she was 77, she had so much life in her yet. She finds out she has a brain tumor and exactly 5 weeks later she is gone. What I am getting at is that tomorrow is never promised to you, we don't deserve it. We should be thanking the Lord everyday that we get another day in life.

I am reading a book called "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan, and I cannot begin to tell you how more of a perfect time it is to be reading it. My grandma has met the Lord! How awesome is that? As soon as she took her last breath she got to see God sitting in his throne with a million angels around him, what a thrilling feeling that must had been. You ever think about what you are going to feel like when you finally get to meet him? I will be absolutely speechless. Think of the power he has, he created everything we have ever came in contact with.

Here is a video that Francis has put up on his website about the Awe factor of God:

Makes you think, huh?

We are little specs! Yet he still has this overpowering love for us!

What this book has done for me so far is make me step back and look at my present relationship with the Lord is, and boy was it shocking. Yes, I claim to be a Christian, I pray every night, I read as much scripture as I can, and do nice things for others. But then I thought to myself, do I go through everyday, every motion, every thought honoring the Lord. My honest answer was no. He says in the book that there are so many lukewarm Christians out there, that they do the bare minimum just to get into heaven. I honestly looked at myself and felt sick, how could I be just doing the bare minimum for someone so awesome. He sent his son down here on Earth and died in the most excruciating pain for US, for OUR sins. How can I not give everything I have to the man who has done everything for me. God does not want us to just go to church, give 10%, smack each others hands if we swear. He wants it all, he wants an overabundant love from us. This week I have lived a life in a new perspective, I cannot tell you how much weight has lifted off of my shoulders. He had a good idea to prove if you were a lukewarm christian or not:

 Look at 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 
Love is patient, love is kind, love does not envy or boast, it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong doings, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never, hope, and love abide, these three, but the greatest of all is love.

Now replace the word love with your name, do you fit all of this? Most of you will say no, I did. What I have learned is that God will always have this amazing love for us, its never ending. So how in the world can you put such an awesome thing to the side. Why make excuses like, "Oh I was busy doing homework, paying bills, watching a movie," to spend just a moment with God? What in the world was I thinking not investing everything I have in God. Once you get to meet the Lord he won't let you slide past because you were so busy with life. I look at this life now as just way to pass our time until we get to be with our Father, and during this time you better believe I am going to do what the word says!

Please get your hands on a copy of this book:
It's already changed the way I live my life, and I am only half way through the book!
Francis Chan is amazing on describing Christian life, and proves it through scripture!
Watch this video to, if you read the book he has you stop reading and watch this video. This is the video where it made me realize I was doing everything wrong!
Also, look up his sermons he is so good!
Look at these things God has made, see how detailed he has been with everything he deserves way more than just the bare minimum!

Hope you all enjoyed this blog, I know my writing is really scattered but I do it all in one take!
God Bless!
<3 Andrea Farell

PS! I am on the fundraising committee for the Ohio State University Relay for Life, and a Team Leader to the Buffalo Wild Wings Lane & High team, I'll post a link below, anything helps! I am relaying in honor for my Grandma Irene hopefully in June at the one in Lima if you are interested in joining my team there let me know we can set one up through Lima's relay!

The Ohio State University Relay For Life Link:
Please donate to such a great organization! Let me know if you want to attend I would love to have you there with me!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Life still goes on.. :)

Sorry it's been so long since I have written anything.. a lot has been going on within the past two months.

I am finally settled into my apartment and I love it.. my room is so much bigger and I updated it just a tad bit. The apartment feels clean, and I love my roommates! =) My job is going great as always, even though sometimes I can hate it! But who doesn't get stressed out a little bit! I love all the new people there! It's a whole new generation of people asking me why I am always so happy and dancing everywhere. I love the effect I have on people when I am making a fool out of myself, anything for a smile :)

I wouldn't be this smiley right now if all of you who wrote nice comments on Facebook, or texted me about my loss of my Grandma. Just a small message of encouragement goes a LONG way. She wouldn't want me to be sad anyhow! Oh how I think about her everyday.. multiple times a day. I'll hear a song on a commercial that she used to play on the piano or from an olden movie that her and I would sing. I'll be pouring a coke at work, and remember how her house is decked out in Coca-Cola memorabilia. The hardest thing is coming into my room.. and seeing all the old Hollywood photos I have throughout my room and each one of them representing a person I fell in love with because of her. I made a picture of her and I.. cropped it and made it bigger and black and white to add to black and white pictures I have in my room. I love it =) I have one of my Grandpa too I made for his birthday last year and made a double of for him and I. =)

It still doesn't seem real, and I think for awhile it will feel like that. It's hard to process that when I drive to her house to visit my Grandpa, she won't be sitting in her recliner watching TV or playing her piano. I won't ever get to sit next to her and sing a song while she plays the piano. I won't get to watch Singin' in the rain with her like we used to about once a week when I would stay with her. I will never get to see her smile when I eventually walk down the isle.. or when I have children they won't ever get to sit on Mamal GiGi's lap. My heart has a huge hole in it, and you can never prepare yourself for it. The moment when she took her last breath with everyone sitting by her side is an indescribable feeling. I've never had anyone that close to me pass away.. and never would I of guessed she would be my 1st. I always thought it would be my Grandpa, if any of you who know him you would of thought the exact same thing. My Grandma had too much life in her.. but dang it that brain tumor got her fast. I am blessed to have spent 20 years of my life with her, I learned so much from her. Even though she could be a brat, she was such a great advocate to our Savior. She taught my mother so many lessons that were passed on to me. To give to others, to be goofy in bad situations, to help someone in need. I could never thank my Grandma enough for the things she has given me.. I would never be in college right now without her.. she would give her last piece of clothing if it meant giving me the chance to make a future for myself.

My favorite memory is when I was 8 years old, and I remember this ever so vividly. I was sitting next to her while playing her organ. I noticed a ring on her finger.. a tear drop shaped diamond with a golden band. I told her "Grandma, where did you get that ring? It's so pretty." She explained it had been her mother's who had passed away just a year before that day. She looked at me with a smile and said.. you know someday when you grow up.. I want to see this on your left hand. I want to see this on your left hand, and the person who puts it on your left hand will love you more than anything in the world. I've always admired that ring.. she wore it almost everyday. She passed away with that ring on.. and even though it caused a quarrel in the family with a big misunderstanding.. my mother now has that ring. Someday, when that someone special asks my Dad (yes I am old fashioned hehe) for my hand in marriage, I am going to honor my Grandma and Great Grandma and wear that ring on my left hand proudly. :)

I found a quote a few days after she passed away..

Seasons change, friends move away, and life goes on from day to day. Flowers fade and streams go dry and many times we wonder why. Yet we can always be assured because God tells us in his word that, unlike changes in the weather, life goes on and lasts forever. ♥

How true is that.. we question everyday why things are taken away from us.. why we hurt, why we are here..

My mother tells me all the time, to always remember we are only visitors to this Earth. We live here to be advocates of God and to live by his word until we can finally be in the place he has made for us. I learned so much from my Grandma Irene about God. Right up until her death, I talked to her on the phone just a week before she passed. She told me not to be afraid, to know she will always be by my side and that I will get to see her again someday soon. That she will be waiting for me with her arms opened wide and how excited she will be to tell me how proud she was of me. I can't wait till that day.. but until then I will constantly make her proud. 

I miss you so much Grandma Irene, I can never say that enough. I can't wait to see you soon. I know you are up there dancing with Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor, I am jealous! Tell Grandpa Ronnie that I can't wait to finally meet my mom's real father! I heard he was good looking and I have his personality :) I love you so much! =)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I've been wanting to write a blog for weeks now.. I've been putting it off because there is just so much I can put into this one blog, and I was trying to figure out the way I was going to put it all together. I still haven't figured it out.. so here goes nothing.

This summer has been wonderful and devastating.. I love where my life is going and where I am headed. The summer camp I've been working at has been almost life changing, I have met amazing people there coworkers and campers. I have now figured out I am exactly where I need to be. I love that I have come to realize that you really can change a person's life with just a smile and a hug. This camp couldn't have been in my life in more a perfect time. I needed it to keep my spirits up as well....

After working 2 weeks at camp, I went back to my apartment in Columbus and literally passed out.. I had went to Cincinnati to my 1st Reds game right after camp, AMAZING game to say the least, with great friends. =) I drove home and passed out.. I had only gotten 5 hours of sleep the night before and drove from columbus to Cincinnati with no nap! Very long day.. I woke 7 hours later and had this weird feeling that I needed to call my mom.. I usually call her everyday when I wake up, but something was telling me to call her urgently. I called her and we talked about the usual.. what she had done all week while I was at camp and all that jazz.. and then suddenly she stopped asking questions and sighed.. and she started off saying well I have to tell you something and I've been keeping it off for a couple days because you were at camp and you went to that game with your friends and I didn't want to upset you.. and all of these thoughts flooded my mind, and I was stricken with panic. 1st thing that came to mind was her saying that my grandpa had passed away, because his health hasn't been the best. But she started off the sentence with my Grandma Irene, and I was so confused. She said a bunch of stuff that I didn't really listen to because there were so many things racing through my brain at the moment. The only sentence I heard from it was that they did a cat scan on her brain and found a tumor. I became more distraught, and then she said the doctor told my grandma with the size and location of the tumor she may only live up to two months. I felt like my body couldn't move and anything else that my mom had said over the phone didn't register in my brain. I was shocked.. and tears didn't come to my eyes because I didn't get it, I had just been with my Grandma the week before this news and watched her laugh and actually get in her car and drive off to run errands, which she was excited for because she finally got her license back after been restricted for her to drive because of her legs. My heart instantly broke, after my mom continued to tell me that  her speech was impaired and her memory was short. It just didn't seem fair to me, that it was happening so fast. She warned me not to be shocked when I called her.. she understands everything were saying but to be aware some of her speech would not be understandable. This all seems like it was a long conversation but it was a 5 minute phone call and I had to hang up with my mom immediately.. I hate showing sad emotions to others.. she asked if I was okay, and I said "Yep, but I am going to go." I think she understood why, and let me hang up. I sat in my bed dumbfounded and was trying to let everything process until I finally let realization get the best of me. All of these memories flooded my thoughts, and as I sit in a room decorated in old hollywood, which I fell in love with when I was younger because of her. I thought about how I stayed the night with her almost every week night, when I was younger, because my mom went into work early and she babysat me. How I would sit next to her as she played the piano and would teach me one certain chord that I would play as she played the rest so we could play the song together. How we always seemed to end up watching Singin' in the rain (All time favorite musical) and laugh every time we watched the scene with Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor singing "Make em laugh", and how we would sing and dance to every song they sang. She still sometimes answers the phone and starts singing "Good morning, good morning" and I sing along with her =) ..  How her and my great uncle took me out to eat every Tuesday at the old corner cafe, and I would get a salad with poppy seed dressing, and spaghetti with one big meat ball! How she taught me how to put blush on with your lipstick so it would stay on longer. How we talked about what my wedding would be like someday, and I really do remember a certain conversation we had.. she talked about how she would help decorate it because she is an amazing artist.. and how she could see me in a fancy lace dress like the old fashion actresses would wear.. how she hoped that God would bless me with someone amazing and how she hoped he will make me smile everyday. That's what breaks my heart the most.. she has seen my brother get married. been a part of it, helped decorate it. She's gotten to meet my sisters boyfriend.. she has gotten to experience the love of two grandchildren from my brother and sister. But from me.. she won't get to be a part of any of it. I've never brought a guy over to meet my grandparents, they've never seen me care for a guy. She won't get to be there when I get to walk down the isle, she won't get to experience my children.. she won't get to watch me walk and receive my degree. Yes I know, she will watch from Heaven.. but its still heart breaking.. and as I sit here with tears streaming down my face.. I am still in disbelief. My 1st prayer to God was to make sure she didn't feel any pain, and for me to get to talk to her before her speech completely vanish. I finally got a hold of her the next day after my mom told me the news. She was right, her speech was completely mumbled. The 1st sentence she said instantly brought tears to my eyes.. the realization set in.. I sat and listened as I helped in gasps of air holding back tears. She asked me a question and I could barely answer.. I could only speak to her for 3 minutes. She started crying, and saying that she has been pleading to God that let her live to see the new grandchildren be born.. just a few more months is all she wanted. After that I told her I had to go, I felt so bad.. But I didn't want her to know I was devastated. Her last question on the phone was will you say a prayer for me, and I answered.. I already have been.. and she cried again and said Oh Andrea, I love you. I said I love you back with a very shaky voice. I told her I was going to come visit her as soon as I could, and she said I'll be here with a little spirit in her voice. I hung up the phone and tears raced down my face and my head fell to my hands. I finally believed it.. I finally understood I was going to lose my grandmother in just a short period of time. I took 2 weeks off of camp, and everyone was so supportive. LOVE everyone there. I finished out the week because they had already assigned me campers and I couldn't do that to them. So 2 days after hearing the news I worked an entire week of camp.. had the sweetest campers and that helped me forget about the heartbreak I was experiencing.. little did I know I was going to get the best gift from God! I went home and went straight to my grandma's and my mom met me at the door and told me that Grandma had been given steroids so her speech was completely back. God answered my prayer, as I walked into my grandmas house she was sitting at her piano playing a cheery tune. I had a huge smile on my face, as I still held back my tears. She turned around and gave me the biggest grin! She goes well hello! I am feeling so good today! It's been many years since I have seen her this giddy! Sadly, it took her having a brain tumor to get her back up there, but I will take it I suppose. We went back for a 2nd opinion and she decided to get a biopsy done.. and then the doctor gave her the decision between hospice care taking over now and or trying chemo and radiation. She picked chemo.. She really wants to see these little boys! Which I am exuberant about because I want her to see them more than anything! She may be sick and miserable by the time they are born but at least she will be able to see there little faces. I pray everyday and night for her.. and I have prayed for myself.. and its worked. I asked God to help me understand it all and accept it and live on. I have come to terms with eventually having to say goodbye to her, and to be happy with her until the very end. Life on earth eventually comes to and end, and I can't be upset because we really do go to a much more amazing place. I can't wait to meet her up there some day and talk about my life after her death. My wedding, my children, my husband, my career, what goals I reached in life. I trust God, and know things happen for a reason and that he is going to take such good care of her until I meet her again. But for now I am going to enjoy her and make her proud of me. I love my Grandma Irene. =)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

life as of now =)

Hello =) A lot has happened since my last blog! A lot of awesome things! 1st off I have had a few people message me with feedback on my blogs and how they have helped them out, and you have no idea how much that makes me smile. No better feeling than seeing someone take in your words and jump starting them to change their lives! AWESOMEEE =)

Okay, so I went to training week for the Special needs camp I will be work at during July and half of August. Amazing isn't even the word to describe it. This camp has the most dedicated staff I have ever seen. They literally train us on everything and anything we will have to do at this camp, down the small details. They pay for everything we are required to have if we are employed there, BCI checks, First Aid and CPR training. Not to mention all the counselors I will be working with are all just awesome people. I love meeting people that I would never go up to, but when you are basically forced to interact with people who you think are similar to you, you begin to realize you have a lot of similar qualities and you end up gaining a friendship you never thought you would have! I cannot begin to tell you how privileged I feel to be working there, and cannot wait for a life changing experience with sweet people! We had a camper talk to the entire staff and he called the camp his heaven until he reaches the real deal. This man had the most sincere voice I have ever heard, and made me, ME someone who hates crying in front of others, have tears streaming down my face. He praised this camp as a haven and that he loves being there. He stated that he felt safe there, and that he would love to be there everyday if he could until the Lord calls out his name to take him home. That is where he got me, this man was in his 50's and said he had been coming to this very camp for 30 years. They must be doing something right if someone keeps coming back repetitively like that. I loved him, and had to meet him after the Q & A session, we talked baseball and other things and he was so precious. He reminded me of my Great Grandpa Bill, he had a soft sweet voice, and just had a positive outlook on life. Oh I am just tearin' up thinking about him! I just love people like that, always being thankful for everything they have been given and always positive on what is going to become of their life, or not become! Can you tell I am getting overly excited? If you would of asked me 5 years ago if I would want to give away 6 weeks of my summer to work at a camp rather than lay out and spend time with my friends..I would of laughed and said heck no, but I don't see how someone could say that now. This place is going to physically and emotionally challenge me, but it couldn't be happening in the most perfect time in my life. =)

So here is some other news, I know I stated in my last blog that I would be moving back to Lima after next year. Well.. changed my mind. I did a lot of praying and thinking.. and more praying.. and a tad bit more thinking. I feel as if Columbus is just the right fit for me right now, I was blessed with a job that enabled me to pay bills and then some by myself and Columbus opened my life to so many opportunities, this camp being one of them. So to live their for 2 years and watching my life prosper and my spirituality grow, would just be a waste if I came back to Lima. It doesn't motivate me here, I love seeing my family and friends. But even though I am very young to be saying all these things, but something is telling me to take life into my own hands. To cut off all the strings from my parents financially and just take care of myself. I want to start my life and start saving money, and doing things I want to do. I want to be responsible and be able to sit back and be proud of everything I have worked for. So to all my friends who were excited about my return, I apologize deeply! I will still only be an hour and a half away =) I just felt like God was telling me to keep my feet in Columbus, had some deep stuff with him last week. Which reminds me something I have been wanting to blog about!!! (Can you tell I think I have ADHD? My blogs are so random!)

A prayer journal!!! I have blogged about the book "One Simple Act." Awesome book, PLEASE READ IT! The Author explains the power of generosity and simple things you can do to feel the spirit work within you, and outside of you. She mentions a prayer journal in one of her chapters and says every night or at least when you are deep in prayer to jot down some of your prayers. Then months later, or however long or short you want it to be, you go back and mark your answered prayers with a different colored pen! So you can see all the prayers God has answered and you can physically see that he does answer prayers! Yes, you will have plenty unmarked prayers, but it doesn't mean he is never going to answer then. Not all prayers are answered immediately, some may take years, decades to answer. But he eventually gets to them all, or leads you on a different path to whatever the subject is of your prayer, I just thought that was a simple little thing to remind us of his power! She explains it much more deep, I really do recommend her book it opens your eyes to a lot of different things! Loved it!

Alright I am overly tired, so you all have a great night and almost weekend! I start camp this upcoming Monday so I probably won't blog for awhile! I definitely will if something huge happens and I have the urge to write! That is usually when I blog, I just get this feeling that I have to blog about something and end up doing it! So feel free to message me about anything, I love to answer all sorts of questions! I'm always open to listen!

God Bless!
Andrea Farell <3

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I feel so bad I haven't been writing on this much. I have so many people asking me to write blogs all the time. Sorry for being a let down! Does make me smile that these help so many people! (Even though some may be just venting!) Thank you for reading these, much appreciated!

Yes, its 3:30 in the morning right now.. I worked tonight. Had a rough night with testy people. But overall not such a bad night, just a flew glitches in the process! I brought my Dad some wings to his work, he is working the night shift this week from 11pm to 730! I feel bad for him cause he works by himself taking care of an entire water treatment plant! So I actually just got home from spending time with him. I never really get the time to do anything like that, it was nice. My Dad and I talked about his job and what it all entails, and it seemed like he was really interested in telling me what all he has to do. I'm glad I got the chance to sit in their and do that! That place is so interesting believe it or not! I was walking through the entire place! Go check it out when you get the chance, dorky I know, but it's a cool place to check out! My Dad and I actually talked about life tonight, very weird. He's not much of a talker, more of a watch and observe kind of guy. Never thought I'd get the chance to relate to my dad. I never realized how much a like I am to him! So glad I decided to go there tonight! My dad can be pretty cool sometimes, I guess. ;);)

Big update on my life here....
As most of you know I moved to Columbus with the intentions on receiving my Intervention Specialist license (Special Ed Teacher) at OSU. Well, plans have change and I will be back in Lima next summer. I am going to switch to Gen Ed, Early Education and then later on receive my Special Education degree. So hopefully, if everything goes my way I will be double licensed. It will awesome to have both sides of the spectrum, but I am sad that I won't be getting my special education one right away. I was definitely bummed out when I realized that I had to make this choice. I worked my butt of this year, and had one of the best grades in my Intro class. But life goes on. I am so grateful for getting the chance to live in Columbus for 2 years and get the actual college experience. I am going to live there this year and takes classes at OSU, since I had already signed a lease for an apartment with friends that I care dearly about. But after that, due to financial situations (me not wanting to take out an unneeded loan) will be moving back to Lima to finish out college! But, I will hopefully not be moving back in with my parents. Love them to death, but I could never come back and actually live there. I love being independent, and actually my life felt more organized that way. Having my apartment the way I want it to be was nice!

The point I am trying to make here, is that sometimes things won't go your way. I am not going to lie, I've been pretty torn up about not continuing with Special Ed. But I will be there someday, don't you worry! I am putting my complete faith in God, and knowing that he has a purpose for me in life. I know I will never have everything I want in life. Life wouldn't be interesting or purposeful if we were given everything.

I've had two big dreams since I've been little. I'll explain them both, so be ready for this to be long!

My 1st dream is Music. The ultimate thing that keeps me sane is being able to sing. I'm different, I know it. So with everyone's different judgments on my personality. I know they won't be able to take away my ability to sing. You can take away my pride, my good mood, my spunkieness (not a word haha), but you can't take away my voice. (Obviously you physically can, but whatever, you know what I mean.) I've always been the dramatic friend, the performer. So obviously being successful at a career in singing would be a dream. But also, I do not know if I would want all the fame and fortune. My dad said something to me about how I wouldn't be making much money being a teacher, and my response was I didn't really care about living on the high end of life. Being mediocre was okay for me, some people think I am high maintenance and to an extent I am. But come look at my closet, and add up all my new clothes compared to old clothes I have. I have wayyy more old clothes than new clothes. Some things I still own from 9th grade! I drive a 1998 sunfire, and barely by super name brand stuff! So living that way is good enough for me! So yes, I'd love to make singing a career.

My 2nd dream is to change the world with children. Everyone knows I am such a huge lover, oh if I could own daycare I'd love it. But for underprivileged children, they are the most interesting type there is. If I could choose one thing right now, that I would drop everything for.. I would do all of that to move to Africa and be a missionary there. Those infomercials they have of those children over there make me cry every time I watch them. If only the entire world could have a big heart for kids like this. How can it not break your heart seeing the people suffering over there, and questioning the works of God because of the condition. I am sure some of these people have strong faith. But you have to admit if you think of yourself in their shoes what kind of emotional roller coaster these people experience on a daily basis. Some people I know personally question their faith when something negative goes wrong in their life. As if God is supposed to make everything perfect in your life, and when it doesn't he should be questioned. I'm sure I have previously questioned things, but there comes a point in your life where you have to put your absolute faith in him, and know that he is up to amazing things! I can't even fathom all of the things he does for others. Even people living in conditions like those of 3rd world countries. Changing their frown for even 1 week would be a blessing for me, knowing that I could make their life happy when they had been devastated would be so rewarding.

Okay, I am getting to sappy and personal with this blog. By the way, one of my friend's posted a blog of her experience during her child's delivery and I thought it was so cool what she kept telling herself when she was in unbearable pain, and works with whatever situation you may be in. 2 simple sayings..

 1. This too, shall pass.
2. Be still and know that I am God.

I am just going to end this blog with those, how powerful are those. So glad I read that!

Seriously, message me on facebook if you ever have any questions. I love listening, and giving advice! Even if you just need someone to talk to and vent! I am your girl!
Hope you all have a wonderful week!
God Bless!
-- Andrea Farell <3

DISCLAIMER: These are solely my opinions on life, and are not supposed to be taken as the exact truth but just as a view.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's been awhile..

Hello all!
It has been well over a month since I have post anything on here, and I apologize. Many of you have messaged me and have asked why I haven't posted anything. Answer is every time I get the inspiration to write one, I have something for school or have to work. Then when I end up getting time I totally forget about what it was I wanted to write. This blog will probably start out as a big mess of nothing and blabbing, but I will eventually get onto a topic! haha

Let's start with my life this past month.. been somewhat of a roller coaster! I had my 1st respite for Recreation Unlimited! I had very limited sleep that week due to some traumatic events that forced me to be back and forth in between Lima and Columbus, also had a final and a paper due that week. So I arrived at that camp without a nap that day.. and within the previous 3 days a total number of 10 hours slept. By Saturday night I was absolutely exhausted, and running a fever. But I brought it down later that night, thank gosh. I was miserable! Butttt.. would never trade that experience for the world! Got really close to some of the campers, very interesting people to say the least, and all they are looking for is someone to listen and someone who cares to listen! Never thought I could fall in love with these people in just over 3 days, sad to see some of them go, but will get to see some of these adults during the summer residential camps! Everyone there is lovely, met 3 new girls who I instantly clicked with of course, I can be friends with anyone I suppose! I love all these new opportunities I am getting to experience! Yay! =)

On a sad note, the traumatic event that I was previously talking, which most of you could probably guess.. is the death's of Kody Knight and Bryan Taylor. Now personally I was never close to any of them, got to spend a handful of my summer with Kody, and just genuinely enjoyed his presence and of course his sweet girlfriend. But what made it so traumatic was that my Best Friend Brittany, was extremely close to Kody.. Always hearing her tell me hilarious stories about him and then finally get to hang out with him. He sure was a trip, and also the Knight family has been so helpful to my cousin Becky Mitchell, while she was and still is suffering from an incurable yet somewhat treatable form of cancer. I think anyone who even knew or was acquainted with these two felt some sort of sadness. It's hard to describe the feeling of someone who is around your age dying before they even got to start their career. Brittany and I were just talking about how much fun we had with Kody and his other friends and how much we couldn't wait for more things we could get into with them! My heart sank to my stomach when I got onto Facebook and read all of the condolences on everyone's status. I instantly called Brittany, and wasn't able to make out anything she was saying. My heart broke for her, had no idea what to do or to say. I was coming home that exact day to hang out with her.. it was supposed to be a beautiful day, we planned on riding our four-wheelers. But it ended up being a rainy depressing day where I just had to sit and comfort one of my best friends, and grasp the reality of what I was feeling. I texted all of my friends, and told them how much they meant to me, and till this day I will randomly shoot a text or write on their wall on how much I love and appreciate them. So cliche, but true.. you never ever realize how precious something is to you until its taken away. But my favorite belief is that God does everything for a reason.. it was time for those 2 guys to go home! Both of the funerals were tear jerkers. Kody's was such a different feeling funeral, I have never been so connected with God than I was during that funeral. It was a praise session, and many people accepted the Lord into their hearts for the very 1st time in honor of Kody. Almost positive he had a huge smile on his face with a tear rolling down his cheek during that moment! I am typically one to never cry in front of people, but I could not hold back those tears.. so glad that made his funeral that way. He wouldn't of wanted it any other way! ahhh!! I could go on and on about that feeling!

Another recent thing going on in my life, is my Grandfather is in the hospital. We aren't sure of what it is just yet, but he hemoglobin count is severely low and he had a rash all over his body. The doctor's think its this new heart medicine he is on, but they are conducting tests on him now to figure out what is going on. I used to be devastated when I would get the call that he was back in the hospital. But there has been so many close calls with him, I have become numb to them. In a way, I thank god for doing that for me. I put myself into a severe depression the 1st time I thought I was going to have to say goodbye to him. I had never lost anyone that close to me, and thinking he was going to be gone was the worst case scenario for me. But now that I see that he has suffered so many years, I'll be content when he passes. Not only that I know that he isn't suffering, but that God now has the most amazing man in my life in his presence, and that I will get to see him again soon. I feel so bad for my Grandpa that he has to live the way he does, 1/4 of his heart working, amputated leg, difficulty breathing. But he never changes, he always jokes around (even thought most of the time hes a butthead), he always gives me kisses and hugs, always asks about me when I am gone. Which I am very arrogant to say that I am his favorite grandchild =) His faces lights up when I dramatically enter the room =) of course I do it dramatically haha, he laughs every time I do it! Boy do I love this man though!

Didn't really get much onto a topic here, just a general summary of what has been going on with me during this  past month. I promise promise promise, next week after finals I will have a motivational blog on here!! Take my word for it!! I do have a lot to write about yet! I just need to get my butt into bed, so I can start to study for finals!

Until next week!
God Bless,
Andrea Farell <3

Friday, April 22, 2011

How Great Thou Art!

This is my all time favorite song in the world. By one of my favorite artists in the world. This is also one of my mother's favorite songs, I grew up listening to this song and have it memorized like the palm of my hand. Doesn't matter how many times I watch this in one day it makes me cry every time. If I watch it back to back.. I cry twice. Haha I do not know why! This song is so powerful, and Carrie singing it makes it that much more powerful. I'm not going to write much on this post. This song speaks for it self!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and great times with your family over easter break!

God Bless You!
-- Andrea Farell <3

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Future

Hello All! Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, and that my last post had to be negative and only about my life! Had a little bit of a rough but amazing weekend! My friend Andrew came home and what a blessing he has been in my life! He challenges me with being open about my relationship with God, and I sure need that! Anyhow, I was talking with my friend Brittany just a minute ago and we had an hour conversation about what the heck we are planning on doing with our lives and why everything hasn't fallen into place just yet for us.

Let me tell you, I have shed TONS of tears over this very subject. I mean probably enough to fill up a bathtub! hehe! I wasn't blessed with the best knowledge or studying abilities. Do not get me wrong, when I buckle down and WORK at school I am a awesome student. But I get so frustrated that others are just so gifted that it comes easier to them, its unfair! But thats just how the cookie crumbles! I was blessed with a singing voice, that I have to do anything productive with out of high school sadly. My mother always says that God takes away blessings that you do not take full advantage of, so I am trying to get back into that before he takes away my most prized possession! So my point is, no one will ever know what their future entails. You can have a basic outline of it that is for sure, but you have to have details to make it complete. The only way of filling out all the "in-between things" is just living life. Put your faith in God, and led him lead you down your path to your future. Easier said than done huh? Many people contemplate what their purpose in life is, and if you are a Christian the answer should be to live the life God has proposed me to live and spread his word. But again, we have to think about the in-between details. What should my profession be? Where city would make me the most happy to live in? Who is going to be my soul mate? Why are things just not working out with this situation? There are SO many things we have to consider in life, its overwhelming. Never knew how STRESSFUL adult life is until I moved away for college. Helloooooo, that was sure a wake up call! I was living in this bubble my parents put around me and as soon as I popped that I had no idea what to do! I hope to have my life figured out, at least my profession part, by the time I am 26! That is my goal! Obviously, my passion is teaching, working with kids, and making people smile. If I can at least accomplish one of those things my life will be set. My ultimate goal in life is to travel around the world and help those in need. Omgosh, I wish I could fall into something that my whole life would be devoted to that. Have you ever fixed a broken toy for a kid, or given a homeless person money and saw the smile that lit up their face? Maybe I am just overly emotional, but that just elates me! That is the best emotion that you could ever feel, in my opinion. Better than winning the lottery or winning a big game. Seeing that you helped someone smile, maybe in time of depression or frustration, for one moment you made their world a happy place. =) ahh I am so smiley right now just thinking of it!

I've talked about this in previous posts, but here it is again. My boyfriend discussion. Never had one. Surprised? Yeah ,you and three hundred other people. I get it, it's odd! I had a friend tell me once that she had a dream about me and that God had big plans for me and that may be the reason God hasn't put a certain guy in my life. Boy did that get me thinking.. what in the world does God have in store for me? Plain old Andrea, goofy as all get out, can't keep her mind focused on one thing, and doesn't have too much to offer. What can I possibly be able to do that is considered "Big Plans"? You know what I have done after being told this? Never letting an opportunity fall out of my hands. I used to be held back in trying new things, meeting new people, doing things by myself. But I have become so independent in the past 2 years I will do anything that will allow me to experience new things or people. Getting that job this summer was just the start, I have already met new friends there. I have become friends with girls in my Special Education class that have opened my eyes to new things. I have changed my entire outlook on college, and that I can't just sit back and let it happen. I have to MAKE it happen. So, I thank you my friend for telling me that one simple story. God obviously gave you a nudge to help me in the process of succeeding in his "big plans" for me. I know one day God will put this amazing man in my life, that will help me with my relationship with God, or maybe even help that person have a relationship with God. You never know! A lot of girls getting extremely depressed over not having a boyfriend. I admit, I do sometimes talk with the man up top and ask him why I can never find just ONE person, one person that loves to be around me and want to do nice things for me. I am such a hopeless romantic, and I have all of that hopelessness balled up inside of me! It needs to get out soon its gonna explode! But until then, I'll be patient. I don't even know how to act around guys really. It's embarrassing, my friends make fun of me for it. I just honestly don't know what to do, omgosh I can't believe I am typing this stuff. haha oh well there is my blunt truth I guess. I am living life, and if a guy happens to come around then so be it! I am not going to search for the right man. He will be right in front of my face and I won't even know what is goin on when it happens! =)

I could not be more thankful for God's plan to move me here to Columbus. I have never felt more in tune with him, every negative and positive aspect that has come into my life I find myself relating it back to my learning experience with him. I moved here to get away, to become my own person and not have people judge me and make fun of me. I despised Lima with all my heart, and now have a new found appreciation for that little town. Most people come here and do the typical college life. Drink, party, have sex, do drugs, and go to college. Don't get me wrong, I drank here at the beginning of the year, but it just opened up my eyes to the reason why I don't even really like drinking. It's human nature to sin, we were doomed with the ability to sin. But God had his own son die on a cross for us, to prove that he forgives our sins. We must live and learn, and accept that we made a sin and ask god for our forgiveness. I'm not saying that I had to drink in order to learn that god forgives my sin. But I did it, and I learned something new about myself. 

My favorite verse, that I am again.. repeating in a post. I have used it probably 3 times before in previous posts, but its so blatantly true. Jeremiah 29:11 -- "For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord. "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

My answer to everyones life questions.. Have FAITH, put your uttermost trust in the Lord. He will never hurt you, even if he is putting you through hell. You have to build that ladder up to heaven, and hell is where it starts. Fight through sin, Faith will get you there!

I hope this gives at least one person reading this hope that their day will get better. Life is a roller coaster, one day it will be going up, then it will plummet back to the ground, take you through twists and turns. But in the end you can always make it better. Be the bible, don't just read it. 

Have an amazing week, and may God put his hand on you and guide you through your decisions in life!
God Bless!!
-- Andrea Farell <3

Life's a roller coaster, put your FAITH in God!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I should be studying, but felt the need to write on here to express what I feel the meaning of family is. Hoping that my family will take a look at this as well. This may possibly be an extremely personal post, so which I may not post this link onto my Facebook for the entire world to see. But I am just writing as to what I feel at the moment.
Sadly, my siblings and I have never gotten along.. ever. I think maybe once every year all three of us can sit down for only about an hour an laugh our heads off without insulting each other, very rare case. Otherwise, we all are judging each others lives, making fun of their weight, their job, their looks. Yes, typical siblings but it is that times 100. Maybe it is because of the age difference, as I am 13 1/2 years younger than my brother, or maybe its because each and everyone one of us has a different mind set. I'm the open hearted sensitive one, my sister being the extremely sensitive yet hard headed one, and my brother.. the overly hard headed one. We all have different values and goals in our life. We have totally different perspectives and outlooks on what life should be about. Some have made mistakes that cannot be taken back, but yet those mistakes have brought happiness into our family. My mom is the one who is over the top sensitive, and thinks every negative thing said is attack on her, yet despite that she would stop everything going on in her life just to help you get back on your feet. As for my Grandmother, I grew very attached to her from the start because I was brought up by her when I was very young because my mom and dad had full time jobs when I wasn't in school, and instead of going to day care I stayed with her. But as years went by, I grew distant from her because of the family feuds that started unrolling. I won't get into details and I would never ever disown my Grandmother, because she is inevitably the reason why I am in Columbus and financially stable. But all I ask for from my family, is to allow God to handle our situation. No one is ever perfect, and disowning your family is NEVER okay. The bible says in  1 Timothy 5:8 -- Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

Despite all the troubles we have had over the years, I continue to have faith that one day we will be able to be a happy, loving family. Notice I do not say perfect, we all have our flaws. Remember that disowning your family members, makes you an unbeliever. God sent his only son to forgive all of our sins, and he died on the cross, and excruciating pain for OUR sins, and if you cannot look over the flaws of your family members and remember all the times they have sacrificed things to help you, then God help you. Take a step back, look at your relationship with the Lord, and ask him what should you do. Don't let the work of your hands be the work of the devil. 

-- Andrea Farell <3

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just one simple act..

Happy April Everyone! Lots of things to write about today! Tons of great things have been happening!

First things 1st! So happy that Little Miss Paislyn is doing absolutely amazing, she has stolen tons of people's hearts! I know she has mine and I've only seen her in person twice! She's so darn cute! If you haven't read her story go to this! Amazing Miracle! =)

Also, I start training next weekend for the camps I'll be gone away doing this summer! I have to stay there all weekend in a cabin! Not too sure of what I am going to be doing, they haven't really told me much! But I am overly excited for that! I have ALWAYS wanted to be a camp counselor and what better way to start that off with better than being with mentally handicap kids. It is definitely going to be a tough experience, things I know I am not going to be ready for. But hopefully this training toughens me up for that! Ready to learn a lot of new things! =)=)=)

Now onto my real reason for this blog! Aubrey has been telling me for months now to read this book, and I have put it off for forever. Weird thing is, I feel like god wanted me to not read it until now. I have totally rearranged everything I do for this quarter. I only work on the weekends for the most part. I wake up in the mornings early enough to eat breakfast and get ready for the day, not just throw on sweatpants and throw my glasses on. I actually get ready! You are probably asking what is the relevance of that with the book. Well, I am just trying to be a better version of me. It's called "One Simple Act: Discovering the Power of Generosity" I just got it yesterday and am already 8 chapters deep! I cannot believe how she relates everything back to faith and it makes me smile SO BIG! I wasn't expecting the book to be religious at all, thought it was just going to share little snippets of good deeds people have done. But she throws in tons of scientific studies that prove generosity makes your life better, and she has lists and lists of verses from the bible that show what God's plan for us is. I am so obsessed with it and can't wait to hand it off to the next person to read it! I have a few pages bookmarked so far and wanted to share a few things of what she had to say that hit home hard!

In one of her chapters she talks about Forgiveness as a discipline and even in the most hateful situation how you should always forgive. Now, as I was reading this I was kind of resentful.. Thinking to myself I have forgiven one specific individual many... many.. in fact maybe countless times. Yet, I still got dirt thrown back in my face each time I did. I was fed up the last time and said I would never forgive that person again.. I even just brought it up just a few days ago to my best friend. But after reading that Chapter it makes you step back and say.. thats not what a Christian does. A Christian forgives.. doesn't mean you have to be their best friend or give them a time of day. I knew when I befriended that person how much better I felt because I had no enemies at the time. But, for now I won't go out of my way to forgive the person. But if the time comes I would. Here's the verse she threw into the chapter that made me realize all this : Matthew 6:14-15 -- Jesus says, "For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your Heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins." She ends it with "Those are some chilling words since we need the Lord's forgiveness to live." I never thought about it in that way.. God forgives us in every way he can. He forgives some of the worst sins, yet we can't get past our bitterness to forgive even one person. Even though I am never that bitter towards anyone, I am going to try to change that department in my life.

Okay, let's see here.. another page I have bookmarked.. Omgosh my favorite so far! Made me tear up.. "Tell those rich in this world's wealth to quit being so full of themselves and so obsessed with money which is here today and gone tomorrow. Tell them to go after God, who piles on all the riches we could ever imagine -- to do good, to be rich in helping others, to be extravagantly generous. If they do that, they'll build a treasury that will last, gaining life that is truly.. life." 1 Timothy 6:18-19 She obviously sums up that saying and makes it more contemporary. But thats what the message says. Again, opening my eyes to see that we aren't put on this earth to make billions of dollars and live a happy life with just ourself. She goes on by saying.. at the end of time, we will all stand before God, and we can't offer him a big luxury car, or the perfect vacation home. But what we can offer is how we portrayed his messaged to other people. Don't just be the word, SHOW the word. I loved that sentence she wrote. Just believing in the word doesn't really prove much, you must act on it.

This book has had a huge impact on me already, and I already have 10 chapters to go. I will most likely keep writing about it on here. It has gotten me even more excited about my new job! I cannot wait to make all these kids have an amazing summer! It is going to be life changing that is for sure, my boss warned me of that! I said I accept the challenge! =) yeee, summer needs to come soon!

Well I need to get homework done! So I hope you all enjoyed reading this and go get that book, and after you read it give it to someone else!!

I apologize for my writing.. I am not the most eloquent writer. I am just trying to get the point across.

Have a great week!
God Bless!
<3 Andrea Farell

Picture of the book so you know you are getting the right one!

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good feeling about this quarter..

I am off to an amazing start on this quarter. I really hope I can continue this! I have already started studying for my Special Ed class! It just started today too! Printed out all the guided notes for the entire quarter, have everything organized so I won't be rushing to print them off right before class. I reorganized my entire room! Got rid of clothes I haven't worn in years! I have been working out! Stopped drinking pop, have been waking up and eating breakfast in the morning! Trying to limit what kind of processed food I am eating! I made a totally fresh meal tonight, besides the rice and diced tomatoes. I start training for that job I just got next weekend! I am just so blessed this quarter, and am almost kind of overwhelmed by it, but its a good feeling! I cannot wait to see what is in store for me in the future! I need to pray that I can keep this determination, I have needed this for so long!! It feels great! Well, I am off to finish my notes and read for class tomorrow! The weekend is almost here! But.. I just have to work! weee.. Can't wait for the next 3 weekends! Exciting things are happening!!!

Have an amazing rest of your week, and hopefully a little warmer weekend!!

God Bless! =)
<3 Andrea Farell

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Random update!

So I wrote a post on here a few days ago. Decided to delete it. It kind of got too personal after I reread it. Oh well..

Anyway! Spring Quarter classes started today! Back to my lovely Mondays! Fall quarter my Mondays were awesome because I only had one class and I got so much done. Like laundry, homework, resting. haha total opposite of how a Monday should be! But it's back! Winter quarter my Mondays were hell! But not spring quarter!

I woke up this morning, actually made myself breakfast. Got ready and even put makeup on! My only class for today? Class Voice! I am really excited about it! I haven't gotten to use my voice in quite some time sadly. I hate that I have such a blessed gift that I rarely use. Used to be my life, and I put it on the back burner. So hopefully I can begin to use it a lot more! The teacher is awesome! He may not be our teacher for the quarter tho =( He is really spunky and funny, keeps you awake! They are trying to iron out which grad students teach which classes so hopefully he gets stuck with us! He gave us a card that we had to write some info down on, and one of the questions was if we had any musical experience. Welllll.. as I start filling out that section, I feel as if I am writing a dang book! Mostly everyone finished before me, and I am scurrying to write down everything I have done in the past! I even took a quick look to what other people wrote down. Most of them wrote none, or just choir. I felt over prepared for this class haha. It's just an intro class and its for the "non-music major." A lot of the stuff he talked about today I already knew what he was talking about so I really hope I do well in this class. It almost makes me want to change my major back to what it was before I entered college. College is really frustrating sometimes! Well, anywho I am going to go make myself some dinner and relax a little before classes tomorrow! Hope you all have a blessed day! For those of you who are wondering why I deleted my facebook? I am trying to break the habit of it. So, just read on here what is going on with my life! I'll get it back soon I promise!

God Bless!
Andrea Farell!

Super old picture!! haha I believe this was my Junior Year in high school!

Monday, March 21, 2011


It's definitely been one of those weekends.. maybe I am just exhausted from working all weekend. I dono, I am just trying to kick this state of depression that is trying to come up right now. I do NOT need that haha.. anywho.. Finally got to meet Little Aniwe!(I may be spelling his name wrong) My friend's Aunt and Uncle hosted him so he could get surgery on his legs. Happiest little thing I have ever saw! Made me smile! That is why people with handicaps are so amazing, even kids like Aniwe where he is only physically handicapped and can feel the frustration on how he has to live, but yet is so happy! I just wanted to write on here that he was the cutest little thing ever! The Hanthorn's already have him as a huge Buckeye fan he was lovin' the O-H-I-O cheer!!

Welllll... I am exhausted. So good night!

God Bless!
Andrea Farell

Thursday, March 17, 2011


As many of you probably know I had an absolute horrid morning yesterday, walked out of my exam with tears because I was so frustrated on my performance. Worst exam I have had yet, and I felt so prepared.. still awaiting the final grade.
Any who, I don't have much time to write much on here but today was the complete opposite of yesterday! Spring break couldn't have started on a better note! I had an interview with Recreational Services which is a Mentally and Physically handicap all year camp! It's about not even 45 minutes from campus.. and I was driving there my tom tom got me off of the highway and I was literally driving in the boonies for about 15 minutes. In my head I am thinking where in the heck am I going and where is this place! I felt as if I had dressed way to nice and ended up taking off my jewelry to make myself less "dolled" up. Well as I turned into this driveway it was gorgeous. I could not believe how much this place had to offer, the interview went amazing. I got to meet the staff that runs the camps, and I am just in awe about what is about to happen during this summer. I met the CEO and he said himself that I am in the right place for learning about kids and adults with special needs. He said its an extremely difficult profession but being at this camp and with all of these people I am going to learn so much and be miles ahead of any person applying for a job. The guy who interviewed me was extremely helpful and crazy knowledgeable about everything! He said that this camp forever changed his life. I am just overly excited about this. =)=)=) I was tearing up on the drive home because I was that happy! haha ahhh I get so emotional over the silliest of things! But oh well!! =) Well sorry if this is really rambly wish I could of written more, I wanted to write really fast while it was still fresh in my brain! I couldn't thank God anymore for letting my find this opportunity!!!

Have an amazing St. Patty's day and stay safe!!

God Bless!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Appreciation.. ♥

I've written about this before, but it definitely just struck home today. One of my friend's had an devastating loss in their family last night, his son passed away. He was just shy of turning a year old, and God took him to be an angel far to quick. I believe this with all my heart that God does absolutely everything for a reason, he knows what he is doing. He tests us each and everyday, sometimes to the point in which you question your faith in him. I know this first handedly, I questioned my faith awhile ago when my Grandpa was in and out of the hospital, I was being selfish because I couldn't understand why he had to go through all of this pain and misery. Why couldn't God just let him be okay? Why would he do this to someone this close to me? My grandpa still is living today, as said in a previous blog. He lives his life as normal as can be and has been an inspiration to us all. That is why God did that, he gives us hope. Back to my friend's son, even though he was only here a short period of time, he taught an important lesson. Lives should never be judged by how long a person lives, but by the lessons they taught during their life. It's a hard subject to talk about when a person loses a baby, then others can sit at home and caress their little one thanking god it wasn't their own. It doesn't seem fair. But everyone on this earth has a purpose.. whether it takes them 8 months to fulfill it, or 106 years to fulfill it. I would devastated if any of my nephews were taken away from me now, but at the end of the day you have to trust God's plans for everyone's life. 
I've said this numerous times to people, I am not the most religious person in the world. I really want to be more involved with what is going on up there! Trust me, I am in the works of finding something here in Columbus. I think I already have and I am more than excited to start getting involved! But my point is, I do believe. I believe in God. I believe he has amazing plans for me, even if I feel like everything is going wrong on my path to get there. I know it will all work out someday, you just have to believe. I could never see my self not believing in him, what would you have to live for then? You serve no purpose, life would just have no meaning. Look at our weather for instance.. its miserable during the winter. You are begging for summer, wanting warmer weather. Weeks after weeks we are getting dumped on by snow and freezing rain right after we had a 60 degree day. But then one day, the weather changes.. Sun is shining, birds are chirping, and all you can do is have that silly smile on your face that you can't get rid of! Now if that doesn't make you believe, I feel bad for you.
I am a overly optimistic person! Don't get me wrong though! When I get sad it is to the very extreme, but I think about 80% of my life is all happiness. I seriously wish I could be more comfortable with public speaking, because I could give some amazing speeches about optimism. But, this is why I write on this blog or over texts. I wear my heart on my sleeve behind a phone or a computer. But you ask me personal questions in person I instantly put a guard up. Really stinks most of the time, but I learned to accept it! 

Well, I really need to get to bed, I have to get up and study all day tomorrow for my last final. Oh I am so excited for break! 

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11

That is one of my favorite verses from the Bible, hence I have yet to read it all. I am slowly but surely working on it!

Never stop smiling!
God Bless!
<3 Andrea Farell

Monday, March 7, 2011

Counting my blessings..

As I sat in my room, watching "Coming Home" all by myself with tears rolling down my face every two minutes, I realized how truly blessed I am. I have no idea how these women do it, letting their loved one leave for months, even years at a time. It's so crazy how much your family becomes a huge part of your life once you get older. I mean of course they are anyway, but at a younger age you tend to oversee the importance of family interaction. I am a sap, I am a momma's girl, even though I am very independent I call my mom probably twice a day at the minimum. A little crazy? Maybe, I just love talking to her! haha! Younger we would get into screaming matches, to the point where my mom would say some very hurtful things, as did I. I haven't fought with her like that in possibly 3 years. Those used to be the worst, but she always ended up regretting some of the things she said. I'd lock myself in my room, and probably an hour later a piece of paper would pop under my door, with a cute little picture saying I'm sorry. Haha she's so goofy! I miss her everyday! But back to my point, I can go home and see them basically whenever I please. But, these families of people in the armed forces cannot. It breaks my heart to watch little kids reactions when see their dad or mom for the 1st time in a year. A lot changes within a one year span! So, I am truly grateful I am able to see my family on a regular basis! My heart goes out to all the people in the armed forces and I truly appreciate the time and effort you put into for proctecting our freedoms. I am always the one who reaches out a hand to thank any suited soldier walking by, I love seeing their reactions when I do that! If I could make everyone person in the world smile once my life would be complete! POSITIVE POSITIVE! You can never die from it so why not? haha =)

I swear I just ramble on these, they aren't proper writing techniques that Bradley would definitely be disappointed with me about! Buttt, I don't care. I do not really have time to make this structured. So, now I must focus on a little bit of homework. I work tomorrow at 1130 am! Hope you all have a great week, and remember God is always there when you need him the most! Well anytime at that, don't forget it!

God Bless!!
<3 Andrea Farell

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Reminder.. ♥

I just wanted to tell everyone reading my blog, that this is by no means a blog where I am trying to teach anything. I started this so my family and friends could see what life is like for me when they are not around to experience it with me. May it be just for you to smile, or may it be for you to be annoyed by. Whichever you choose is fine. I am not writing this to boast about anything I have done, or will be doing. However, I am doing this to remind me of the blessings I have been given in my life. All I want from this is for people to smile while reading it. Just thought I would put that one out there for everyone!

God Bless!
<3 Andrea Farell

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring is, hopefully, just around the corner!

Beautiful day on campus! Too bad I was sick =( I hate colds more than anything because they last forever and always seem like they come at the worst times ever! Plus, getting less than five hours of sleep last night probably did not help! I just woke up from the best nap ever, I seriously was out dead for 2 hours! Woke up feeling achy so I took so Ibuprofen! Hopefully that kicks in soon!

So my reason for this post is simply to be positive, as always. I happened to leave class this afternoon, which was my class over by the medical center, and a little family came out of one of the buildings next to it, probably leaving an appointment. Well, they seemed like an almost brand new family maybe mid thirties like my brother and sister in law. I believe they had a new born and a little boy. The little boy was so freaking cute, wired like he just ate a bag full of sugar, they were all dressed in Ohio State. In which I love seeing people visiting Ohio state do that, its cute! But on the walk from my class you end up getting to see the shoe, one of my favorite things about this walk to class, but the dad pointed it out and says "Look there's the shoe!" and the little boys response was "What the heck is the shoe?" His dad responds "Where Coach Tressel coaches his Buckeyes." The little boy of about 4 years old started to freak out, he was screaming "No way!!" like 5 times. He stopped walking and just stared, it was so cute. One of my moments where I just quietly smile and walk by. I love seeing stuff like that, maybe because I am a sap for children, but just seeing that the family was happy made me grin big. I think I heard them saying they were dreading the drive back, so they must live far away. Which makes me think since they had to come to the Medical Center that something serious was going on in their life. What I would do to be a kid again though, I used to scream at my mom and say how I could not wait to move out and grow up. Man I should of savored being young, growing up is not as fun as I thought it was going to be! But, it did make me become closer with my mom. I don't think I go one day with at least talking to her on the phone twice! haha!

So thankful for how supportive my family is, both sides of my family to be exact. I always talk about my mom's side of the family because they are the ones who I typically get to see more. But the Zickafoose side is very dear to me as well! Basically 75% of who I am came from what I learned from them, music! Will never underestimate what music abilities I was given from them! Love my family!

I think my reasoning for starting this blog was to remind me of the many blessings and opportunities that I have been given to me throughout my life. I write with my heart on my shoulder because I am not afraid of telling the truth, I am who I am and you should never be ashamed of who you are. God gave everyone different personalities, ways of thinking, ways of doing things for a reason. To be an individual. I am by no means a writer or a preacher, I am just a believer! So I just say what I believe! =)

Well, I hope you all have a great night!
God Bless!
<3 Andrea Farell

Monday, February 28, 2011


Trying to stay positive here in the last couple weeks of this quarter. This winter quarter took a big toll on me emotionally, JEEZ. I had to drop one of my classes earlier in the quarter so I could work more since hours were cut short due to football season being over. I pay for everything by myself and barely have a loan, so had to kick that one aside for a little bit longer! Plus, the professor lied to me anyway and said nothing would be graded while I was gone, yet I missed 30 points of "pop quizzes" .. so my average was already set at a 91, which mean I had to get 100% on everything basically to get an A in the class.. Math is one of my strong subjects, so why would I settle for a B?
Blehh.. anywayyy.. My best friend is flying into Columbus Friday! You have no idea how crazy excited I am to spend a couple days with her! Couldn't of came at a better time she will definitely help me release some stress before finals come! We always laugh like crazy when we are together! I am seriously so excited!

Well, I have a long week ahead of me! So I am going to bed now! Hope you all have a blessed week!

God Bless,
Andrea  Farell <3

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Some people anger me!

One thing that really bothers me is when people question and then contradict my beliefs. An absolute PET PEEVE of mine. When someone questions my belief in God is fine, if I can give them a straight forward answer and then say "Oh okay, I was just wondering". That's A okay.. but once you start asking me well how can you prove that, how can you say that Science did not create this world? That draws the line, I NEVER press religion on another person, if they ask me question about it I try my best to explain my reasoning, even though I am not the best person to ask, because I don't know the word from start to finish, but I know enough to tell you why I believe it. When someone tells me they do not believe in God, I don't ask them why, I simply say "Hey that's your decision, but if you have doubts about your beliefs come talk to me." Just don't try to me look dumb because I believe in god. It angers me so much.. But I guess it comes with the subject.

But anywho, I had a really great day! One of my co-workers asked me "How can you be so happy right now, we are slammed and you've been here all day?" .. I answered "When do you ever see me sad?" and danced off of course. You would think what happened to me the past couple days would put me in the dumbs like it usually would, but I am just looking ahead now. Why, mope and cry? Not my style! =) One of my best friends is coming to stay with me tomorrow night! I am so excited =) yeee

Well, My legs are super sore from work for some reason they are throbbin! goin to bed early! Peace outtt

God Bless <3
Andrea Farell!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Just another page turned..

For once I can actually sit down and write something meaningful. I finished an exam quiz and paper, all in one day! Feel accomplished! Yay! =)

Yesterday was not how I exactly planned my day, had a few bumps in the road that caused me to leave the Library a little bit early than I originally planned. But, I think I was prepared for my exam anyway. Just me being me, and stressing out about everything.
I learned a lot about myself within the past two days that I guess no one has ever brought up to me until now. I was talking with a friend about life in general, and he told me that I am the friend who is always stressing about something. I guess that is why everyone calls me "mom". I over analyze what is going to happen, or what consequences are going to happen if I do "this". I never go out on a whim just for the heck of it. I am kind of sounding like I do not like myself. But in all honesty, that is exactly what I am comfortable with. I worry a lot. It's just a part of me, I don't think that will ever change.

I am NOT perfect. I hate when people say that, it frustrates me. Learned  this first handed recently, everyone has this notion of me doing absolutely no wrong and that I am some angel. Yeah, WRONG. I have made plenty of mistakes in my past, ones I am ashamed one, but ones I do not regret. I am only human. I tend to lead a positive life, but always find that one person that I can vent to. They probably think I am some negative Nancy (sorry). But, I learned from the mistakes I made in the past. It has caused me to be stronger.
I am in this rough transition right now in my life, living on your own kind of takes a toll on you. I am extremely close to my family and even living an hour and 15 mins away from them makes me extremely homesick. I talk to my mother everyday, and try to call my brother and sister every once in awhile so I can Hi to my little nephews who are growing up way to fast! I go and visit my Grandparents every time I am home no matter what I am doing, I ALWAYS leave out time for them. I am very attached to my Grandfather. I am sure if you have read my posts before this you would understand. In which by the way, had a very successful birthday for him! It has been a great while since I last got to see him smile! He had an amazing time! I loved that! Gave him the perfect gift too!

As most of you know, and most of you do not. In my 20 years of life, I have never had a boyfriend. =/ haha yes. Please, if you did not know don't gasp, another pet peeve of mine. Makes me feel even worse about the idea. I cannot say I've never had any sort of boy show "affection" towards me. It just never became official. Reasons why this is? Well, I am not exactly sure. People say, I tend to be picky, I care "too" much, and I never take risks. The whole picky thing is not true, I don't want to call it picky. But I don't want to have make myself be attracted to a person when it isn't there in the 1st place. So, sorry that is just my way of thinking. I care too much because.. I do not really know. I just do I guess. I've never had anyone care about me in that way, so I don't really know how it feels. I talked to my best friend Brittany last night, and boy does she give some amazing advice. God is doing this to me for some reason, I mean there has to be a reason. Many times I've asked him what the heck am I doing wrong, I either end up laughing our sobbing at this point haha. But, at the end of it all. I know someday I hopefully will find that one guy who will unconditionally want me for me, my goofiness, fun-loving, singing, cheery self. Who can sometimes be super negative all at once because I usually am overflowing with happiness haha. But yes, I am positive. POSITIVE POSITIVE about everything. =) So, I'll sit and wait another 20 years if that is what it takes. =)

Well, God Bless! and sorry my whole blog thing is getting kind of just personal. Oh well. Deal with it!
Andrea Farell <3