Monday, January 17, 2011

My Special Ed post from facebook.

I wrote this in October one random night I couldn't sleep. I am just reposting it so it may sound like I had just typed it, but I didn't! Enjoy =)

I've been wanting to write this for some time now! andd.. I can NOT sleep so I'll write it now! I keep getting the same question asked over and over again, so I wanted to finally answer it once so all of you wanting to know will know it =) I'm waiting until next year to apply to the college of Special Ed here in OSU, because I can only apply once a year and couldn't take any prereqs in Lima for special ed.. so I am stuck here in Columbus for a year longer than I should be. Darn :P Everyone's question -- Why Special Ed? Well 1st off, I knew teaching was going to be my profession from an early age. It's the family trade! Anyone with the last name Zickafoose, who is related to me is guaranteed to be some kind of teacher, for the most part. I adore little kids, yes, cliche I know. But if you know me, I have the world's BEST patience with kids. Adults and teenagers, totally different answer. I got to finally be in a classroom this year with my cousin who taught 1st grade. I absolutely loved it, seeing them getting excited for playing some sort of memory game, or seeing them light up after passing a certain reading level they have been trying to pass for some time is the best feeling in the world, when you know you helped them get there. My cousin is on my list of amazing teachers =) So if you have Elementary kids, send them to her! Now onto the Special Ed part =) I just recently decided to go into this, right before I started at OSU Lima. I have a couple  family members who have some sort of Handicap, and they are both a lot younger than me. They are THE sweetest and happiest girls I have ever met in my life. I haven't recently seen them or talked to them since they did not live near me. My cousin Danielle is in this as well, and LOVES it. She keeps me wanting to keep sticking with Special Ed. The way these kids live there lives is remarkable, their whole world has turned upside down, and they don't even notice. They live their life just like anyone else would, and they NEVER complain. We feel bad for them, we hurt for them. But they keep smiling! =) They are excited to learn new things, and sometimes they aren't. But when you see a child's face light up because of something they accomplished, when they thought they could never get it, priceless. I am all about optimism, and that is what Special Ed is all about. We all complain about things going on in our life, and not counting our blessings. But if you for just for once thought about someone with a handicap, not even just a mental one, and see that they are still happy, should make you rethink how good your life is. As always, I never forget to thank the man up top for the friends, family, and enemies that have been put in my life, and the opportunities he has given me!

I was kinda nervous posting this. But, it's the truth =)
Judge me if ya want!

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