Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh Columbus..

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

So I just got back from Lima, had a great weekend home! Much needed! Seen great people, had lots of laughs.. makes me miss home so much. Coming back to Columbus today was INTENSE to say the least. I hit crazy fog around Bellefountaine (sp?) and could not see anything more than 100 feet in front of me. It was out of no where and thank gosh I had my glasses with me or I would of been screwed trying to find the exits I needed haha, because I can hardly read signs far away anyway! Then I get back to my apartment have to get ready as fast as possible and go to a serving meeting that was about 20 mins away.. I left with 45 mins till I had to be there so I could easily get there and settle in before the class started, but noooooo I needed to get off at an exit right after I just merged onto the highway on the left had to get off on the right.. and NO ONE would let me over I ever slowed down to like 30.. so missed my exit. Tom Tom rerouted me some ghetto way that took me longer, hit a traffic jam, and ended up being 3 minutes late to the class. I am already not feeling my best due to a head cold, and felt rushed into this class. and I HATE the feeling of being rushed. But, I enjoyed the class anyhow, the speaker was great and really fun, and of course I contributed a lot to the stories he was describing about serving and what not, had some people laughing it was fun! Then I leave the class feeling better about the day, and then I hit another traffic jam.. bad timing I ran into Columbus Rush Hour haha after everyone is getting off work. Well.. after finally making it back to Campus I was hoping for a parking spot right in front of my apartment.. nope. Too good to be true. So after driving around for 20 mins trying to find a place to park. I gave up, and parked at Bdubs, thank gosh for my parking pass there. So now I am home and going to lay down for a half hour and get my mind off this stupid driving situation and then study! Thanks for reading my ranting!

PS -- this is my song for the day that describes my life... seriously. haha
Watch.. this whole CD of hers describes my love life haha. and my voice is always compared to hers so I love her =)

God Bless!

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