Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Future

Hello All! Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, and that my last post had to be negative and only about my life! Had a little bit of a rough but amazing weekend! My friend Andrew came home and what a blessing he has been in my life! He challenges me with being open about my relationship with God, and I sure need that! Anyhow, I was talking with my friend Brittany just a minute ago and we had an hour conversation about what the heck we are planning on doing with our lives and why everything hasn't fallen into place just yet for us.

Let me tell you, I have shed TONS of tears over this very subject. I mean probably enough to fill up a bathtub! hehe! I wasn't blessed with the best knowledge or studying abilities. Do not get me wrong, when I buckle down and WORK at school I am a awesome student. But I get so frustrated that others are just so gifted that it comes easier to them, its unfair! But thats just how the cookie crumbles! I was blessed with a singing voice, that I have to do anything productive with out of high school sadly. My mother always says that God takes away blessings that you do not take full advantage of, so I am trying to get back into that before he takes away my most prized possession! So my point is, no one will ever know what their future entails. You can have a basic outline of it that is for sure, but you have to have details to make it complete. The only way of filling out all the "in-between things" is just living life. Put your faith in God, and led him lead you down your path to your future. Easier said than done huh? Many people contemplate what their purpose in life is, and if you are a Christian the answer should be to live the life God has proposed me to live and spread his word. But again, we have to think about the in-between details. What should my profession be? Where city would make me the most happy to live in? Who is going to be my soul mate? Why are things just not working out with this situation? There are SO many things we have to consider in life, its overwhelming. Never knew how STRESSFUL adult life is until I moved away for college. Helloooooo, that was sure a wake up call! I was living in this bubble my parents put around me and as soon as I popped that I had no idea what to do! I hope to have my life figured out, at least my profession part, by the time I am 26! That is my goal! Obviously, my passion is teaching, working with kids, and making people smile. If I can at least accomplish one of those things my life will be set. My ultimate goal in life is to travel around the world and help those in need. Omgosh, I wish I could fall into something that my whole life would be devoted to that. Have you ever fixed a broken toy for a kid, or given a homeless person money and saw the smile that lit up their face? Maybe I am just overly emotional, but that just elates me! That is the best emotion that you could ever feel, in my opinion. Better than winning the lottery or winning a big game. Seeing that you helped someone smile, maybe in time of depression or frustration, for one moment you made their world a happy place. =) ahh I am so smiley right now just thinking of it!

I've talked about this in previous posts, but here it is again. My boyfriend discussion. Never had one. Surprised? Yeah ,you and three hundred other people. I get it, it's odd! I had a friend tell me once that she had a dream about me and that God had big plans for me and that may be the reason God hasn't put a certain guy in my life. Boy did that get me thinking.. what in the world does God have in store for me? Plain old Andrea, goofy as all get out, can't keep her mind focused on one thing, and doesn't have too much to offer. What can I possibly be able to do that is considered "Big Plans"? You know what I have done after being told this? Never letting an opportunity fall out of my hands. I used to be held back in trying new things, meeting new people, doing things by myself. But I have become so independent in the past 2 years I will do anything that will allow me to experience new things or people. Getting that job this summer was just the start, I have already met new friends there. I have become friends with girls in my Special Education class that have opened my eyes to new things. I have changed my entire outlook on college, and that I can't just sit back and let it happen. I have to MAKE it happen. So, I thank you my friend for telling me that one simple story. God obviously gave you a nudge to help me in the process of succeeding in his "big plans" for me. I know one day God will put this amazing man in my life, that will help me with my relationship with God, or maybe even help that person have a relationship with God. You never know! A lot of girls getting extremely depressed over not having a boyfriend. I admit, I do sometimes talk with the man up top and ask him why I can never find just ONE person, one person that loves to be around me and want to do nice things for me. I am such a hopeless romantic, and I have all of that hopelessness balled up inside of me! It needs to get out soon its gonna explode! But until then, I'll be patient. I don't even know how to act around guys really. It's embarrassing, my friends make fun of me for it. I just honestly don't know what to do, omgosh I can't believe I am typing this stuff. haha oh well there is my blunt truth I guess. I am living life, and if a guy happens to come around then so be it! I am not going to search for the right man. He will be right in front of my face and I won't even know what is goin on when it happens! =)

I could not be more thankful for God's plan to move me here to Columbus. I have never felt more in tune with him, every negative and positive aspect that has come into my life I find myself relating it back to my learning experience with him. I moved here to get away, to become my own person and not have people judge me and make fun of me. I despised Lima with all my heart, and now have a new found appreciation for that little town. Most people come here and do the typical college life. Drink, party, have sex, do drugs, and go to college. Don't get me wrong, I drank here at the beginning of the year, but it just opened up my eyes to the reason why I don't even really like drinking. It's human nature to sin, we were doomed with the ability to sin. But God had his own son die on a cross for us, to prove that he forgives our sins. We must live and learn, and accept that we made a sin and ask god for our forgiveness. I'm not saying that I had to drink in order to learn that god forgives my sin. But I did it, and I learned something new about myself. 

My favorite verse, that I am again.. repeating in a post. I have used it probably 3 times before in previous posts, but its so blatantly true. Jeremiah 29:11 -- "For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord. "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

My answer to everyones life questions.. Have FAITH, put your uttermost trust in the Lord. He will never hurt you, even if he is putting you through hell. You have to build that ladder up to heaven, and hell is where it starts. Fight through sin, Faith will get you there!

I hope this gives at least one person reading this hope that their day will get better. Life is a roller coaster, one day it will be going up, then it will plummet back to the ground, take you through twists and turns. But in the end you can always make it better. Be the bible, don't just read it. 

Have an amazing week, and may God put his hand on you and guide you through your decisions in life!
God Bless!!
-- Andrea Farell <3

Life's a roller coaster, put your FAITH in God!


  1. Oh what a wonderful post Andrea :-) And about having life figured out...I'll be glad if I figure it out by the time I'm 40..lol ;) I love that verse too! God really showed me the true meaning of that verse months ago!!

  2. Andrea I have to say I'm very proud to have you as a friend. I have always admired your ability to say no to things because you see the shallowness and emptiness in it. I know personally I have had to figure things out myself and hit rock bottom a couple times in order to learn. But when that rock is Christ, the only way to go is up!

    I want to encourage you to continue growing in your faith and not be ashamed! Something else to think about too, is that sometimes we think God has these "grand plans" for each of us. A teacher once presented a question: "Would you be okay if God told you to have a mediocre (humble) life where He told you to go and make simple mistakes and learn from them?"

    This humbled me a bit because we think we need to big things for God but really He just wants us to listen and obey. He just wants us to acknowledge Him and do what He wants. The only reason why it's hard to do so is because we have a hard time denying ourselves what we want. Pursue what He wants and He will give us blessing that passes what we ever wanted. :)

    Love you!

  3. Andrea,
    You are an amazing individual and many things you said intrigued my interests in who you are. This may sound weird, but I am a friend of the Dunahay's so don't think I am a creeper. Please call me at 419-230-3615. I would love to talk to you about an opportunity!
    thank you and God bless,
    Natasha Graham.(Nick is my husband, we have joint account)

  4. Andrea, you are absolutely an AMAZING person. I believe that we could have been great friends in high school if stereotypes weren't such an issue at bath. either way, i am glad that i was blessed to be able to know you even the least little bit! keep on being the awesome person that you know you are destined to be.

    oh and one more thing... USE THAT VOICE! (:


  5. Andrea I love you so much! I am so proud of you and after reading that book it just makes you think differently about everything! You are so special to me & I miss you so much!<3