Friday, February 4, 2011


Happy Friday Everyone!

What a BEAUTIFUL day in Columbus it is right now, I walked to the Library today and it was calming! I love walking around the Oval on days like this. Ohio State is actually a very pretty campus. Love that they keep the historical feel of it around, there are more older buildings here than there are new halls. Especially the ones circling the oval with the exception of the brand new Thompson Library. I kind of enjoyed the cold today with the sun! Weird, because I usually despise the cold! haha.. I have been sick all week, pretty sure I have bronchitis hoping it goes away on its own.. but if not I am going home next weekend so I'll stop in and see the doctor if it does go away soon enough. It has been kicking my butt this week! Figured out what I am taking during spring quarter, and hoping that nothing fills or makes me go on a wait list or I am screwed big time haha. Hoping not because I'm sure most of these classes freshman take so whatever. 
Well, I need to get off here and eat some lunch and continuing studying for my linguistics class! Hoping I do well on this midterm! I am actually getting this stuff, and it is kind of interesting! Thanks to a linguistics major in my class, who is really nice and super helpful!

Well God Bless! =)

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