Monday, February 28, 2011


Trying to stay positive here in the last couple weeks of this quarter. This winter quarter took a big toll on me emotionally, JEEZ. I had to drop one of my classes earlier in the quarter so I could work more since hours were cut short due to football season being over. I pay for everything by myself and barely have a loan, so had to kick that one aside for a little bit longer! Plus, the professor lied to me anyway and said nothing would be graded while I was gone, yet I missed 30 points of "pop quizzes" .. so my average was already set at a 91, which mean I had to get 100% on everything basically to get an A in the class.. Math is one of my strong subjects, so why would I settle for a B?
Blehh.. anywayyy.. My best friend is flying into Columbus Friday! You have no idea how crazy excited I am to spend a couple days with her! Couldn't of came at a better time she will definitely help me release some stress before finals come! We always laugh like crazy when we are together! I am seriously so excited!

Well, I have a long week ahead of me! So I am going to bed now! Hope you all have a blessed week!

God Bless,
Andrea  Farell <3

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