Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tired of the snow..

Hi all... I get so LAZY during the winter, it always makes me so tired. I just got back from JO North with Mal, did a little bit of cardio and stretching.. trying to get my flexibility back so I don't feel like a Grandma! haha My best friend is having a BABY! I am so excited for it =) Ahh one thing I am definitely looking forward to is that. I have been extremely down in the dumps the past 2 weeks, I do NOT know what it is.. School is just getting really frustrating, but I am starting to change up my studying technique, because that is probably why I am not retaining as much as I used too, starting to go to the Library now. Being around other people studying pushes me to keep studying so that helps me =)
Maybe, I am just depressed because Valentine's day is this upcoming monday, and 20 years strong I have yet to have a Valentine.. blah. Good thing I can't work Mondays, I hate waiting on couples haha.. some of them are fun though, but seeing a guy buying a girl dinner makes me depressed =( Is it so hard to ask for a guy that will take me out to do something, buy me a present here or there ;) , or just watch movies with.. not asking for much! jeesh! wellppp.. one day, is what everyone keeps telling me, how much longer do I have to wait!

Welp, sums up why I have been in a horrible mood lately. Loveee each and every one of you! buh bye!

God Bless!
--Andrea <3

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