Monday, March 21, 2011


It's definitely been one of those weekends.. maybe I am just exhausted from working all weekend. I dono, I am just trying to kick this state of depression that is trying to come up right now. I do NOT need that haha.. anywho.. Finally got to meet Little Aniwe!(I may be spelling his name wrong) My friend's Aunt and Uncle hosted him so he could get surgery on his legs. Happiest little thing I have ever saw! Made me smile! That is why people with handicaps are so amazing, even kids like Aniwe where he is only physically handicapped and can feel the frustration on how he has to live, but yet is so happy! I just wanted to write on here that he was the cutest little thing ever! The Hanthorn's already have him as a huge Buckeye fan he was lovin' the O-H-I-O cheer!!

Welllll... I am exhausted. So good night!

God Bless!
Andrea Farell

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