Thursday, March 17, 2011


As many of you probably know I had an absolute horrid morning yesterday, walked out of my exam with tears because I was so frustrated on my performance. Worst exam I have had yet, and I felt so prepared.. still awaiting the final grade.
Any who, I don't have much time to write much on here but today was the complete opposite of yesterday! Spring break couldn't have started on a better note! I had an interview with Recreational Services which is a Mentally and Physically handicap all year camp! It's about not even 45 minutes from campus.. and I was driving there my tom tom got me off of the highway and I was literally driving in the boonies for about 15 minutes. In my head I am thinking where in the heck am I going and where is this place! I felt as if I had dressed way to nice and ended up taking off my jewelry to make myself less "dolled" up. Well as I turned into this driveway it was gorgeous. I could not believe how much this place had to offer, the interview went amazing. I got to meet the staff that runs the camps, and I am just in awe about what is about to happen during this summer. I met the CEO and he said himself that I am in the right place for learning about kids and adults with special needs. He said its an extremely difficult profession but being at this camp and with all of these people I am going to learn so much and be miles ahead of any person applying for a job. The guy who interviewed me was extremely helpful and crazy knowledgeable about everything! He said that this camp forever changed his life. I am just overly excited about this. =)=)=) I was tearing up on the drive home because I was that happy! haha ahhh I get so emotional over the silliest of things! But oh well!! =) Well sorry if this is really rambly wish I could of written more, I wanted to write really fast while it was still fresh in my brain! I couldn't thank God anymore for letting my find this opportunity!!!

Have an amazing St. Patty's day and stay safe!!

God Bless!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful place! :-) I'm sure you'll be such a blessing to those you help and their families!

  2. that is such a wonderful opportunity Andrea! Take full advantage of what God is giving you:) I love you girl.