Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good feeling about this quarter..

I am off to an amazing start on this quarter. I really hope I can continue this! I have already started studying for my Special Ed class! It just started today too! Printed out all the guided notes for the entire quarter, have everything organized so I won't be rushing to print them off right before class. I reorganized my entire room! Got rid of clothes I haven't worn in years! I have been working out! Stopped drinking pop, have been waking up and eating breakfast in the morning! Trying to limit what kind of processed food I am eating! I made a totally fresh meal tonight, besides the rice and diced tomatoes. I start training for that job I just got next weekend! I am just so blessed this quarter, and am almost kind of overwhelmed by it, but its a good feeling! I cannot wait to see what is in store for me in the future! I need to pray that I can keep this determination, I have needed this for so long!! It feels great! Well, I am off to finish my notes and read for class tomorrow! The weekend is almost here! But.. I just have to work! weee.. Can't wait for the next 3 weekends! Exciting things are happening!!!

Have an amazing rest of your week, and hopefully a little warmer weekend!!

God Bless! =)
<3 Andrea Farell

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